Friday, May 30, 2003

Where did "Kimbalina" come from?

Everyone has their nicknames that were somehow derived from a certain event or joke. Kimbalina is mines. I really like it, and over the years more and more people have been using it for me. Where did it come from? Well, way back in the day...I was very small for my age. I was a lot smaller than my other friends. It's kind of funny, because my brother was always one of the biggest in his class. The genes obviously didn't split evenly. It was one extreme or the other. I did hit a growth spurt eventually though, and now I'm pretty average, or even a little above average for asian females. When I was in sixth grade, after lunch my friends and I were sitting on this bench and talking. One of my friends looked at me and said, "Kimmy you're small like Thumbelina. I'm going to call you Kimbalina" She actually had a special way of saying it, "Kimbaliiiina" (with an accent on the 'ina' and she even would kind of nod her head when she said it). Since then, the name has stuck and I even found my grandpa calling me Kimbalina once. How cool is that?

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