Thursday, July 31, 2003

I'mmmmm baaack.....from a fun-filled few days in Las Vegas, Nevada. My roommates and I took one last little trip together before splitting up and going our separate ways after graduation. What better place to do it then Vegas? I had a blast. It was my first trip out to the big ole' city of lights, casinos, shows, and cheap food. We arrived in Vegas around midnight on Sunday night and went out to have a nice big breakfast for 99 cents. Over the next couple of days we explored all of the hotels and casinos. We even got to see a couple of shows. We truly experienced all that we'd seen in movies and on t.v. We went to see one of the notorious Vegas comedy shows, the Tournament of Kings, and rode on the roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere. I even did a little bit of gambling...I love $1 tables. I'm not so much of a gambler so $1 tables and 5 cent slot machines were my friends. I didn't lose any money nor did I gain, but came out even, which I think is pretty good in my book. Check back soon for pictures from the trip.

These past couple of weeks have been so exciting and full of things for me. It's almost hard to believe that all of this could happen at once. Today was my last day at the job that I've worked at for the past two years. It was bittersweet. I was excited to move on, but a little sad to leave behind the memories and friends that have been made these past two years. After graduation, I was allowed to stay and work as a student employee for a couple more months, but since I was no longer a student could not work there after that. I had learned and experienced so much through these jobs, and after graduation was anxious to find a "real" job and make them proud. A couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned how there was a job opportunity that I was really excited about and an upcoming phone interview. It ended up that I went further in the interview process and eventually was offered the job. I had come in for an in-person interview on Wednesday, was called and offered the job on Thursday evening. That same night and friday, I packed up my entire apartment and moved out on Saturday. I then left for my planned Vegas trip the following day and returned at the crack of dawn this morning to go back to wrap up things at work. Tonight, I am unpacking and repacking my bags for a short camping trip this weekend. My first day of work is this coming Monday. I told you I had a lot going on. =)

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

According to

gul-li-ble adj.
Easily deceived or duped.

Some people would say that I'm pretty gullible. I always get picked on by my so called friends and family for this simple trait of mines. I wouldn't say that I am gullible. I am trusting and kindhearted. I want to be able to believe when people tell me things and take it as fact. Just the other day, my dad told me that he had put my piano up on e-bay because I never played it and it was just sitting in our living room. I started to freak out, telling him not to sell it, to keep it, if only for decoration. Duped. My wonderful dad just wanted to see how I would react by coming up with this wonderful little stretching of the truth.

One time, somebody told me that gullible wasn't in the dictionary and I actually went to look it up. After a lifetime of being picked on for my trusting heart, I was very excited to find someone even more gullible than I. I have this friend...let's call him "b.m.". One day me and "b.m." were having a little chat online when all of a sudden he asked me what nationality I was. I have known "b.m." for awhile and we have talked online nearly everyday. I have told him about a bazillion and one times what nationality I was, so for fun, I told him that I was 1/2 mexican, 1/4 hawaiian, and 1/4 african-american. The greatest part was when he actually truly believed me! I almost felt really bad.

Today, while working with "b.m." we got into the topic of albinos and how we had never seen an albino asian person. That was when I told him that my brother was albino...and "b.m." almost believed me again... stomach cramps up from laughing every time I even think about it.

"b.m." it will be a long time until you live this one down....I told you I would write about you.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Do you ever have dreams where you get so into them, that you can't tell the difference between what's real and what was a dream? It happens to me a lot. Sometimes I feel like I've had a conversation with someone already about something, when in reality, it was all in my dream....but it feels so real. Sometimes my dreams are so ridiculously unreal, yet they still seem real. In my dreams, a kangaroo washing the dishes could be perfectly normal or me actually waking up to my alarm clock. I hate it when I dream that I wake up with my alarm clocks, take a shower, brush my teeth, do my usual morning routine, and just when I'm about ready to leave the house I wake up only to realize that I am late.

I get very emotionally involved in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up crying because I was crying so hard in my dream. The weirdest time was when I actually woke myself from the sound of myself laughing and my body shaking....that was WEIRD! This morning I woke up before my alarm clocks went off only because I was upset from my dream. For the first few hours of my morning I had what I call, "anger tension" in my neck and head. I had a dream about my roommate that none of the other four of us get along with. She has screamed at us, said rude and innapropriate things to us, taken our stuff, and on my graduation, chased me out of the house and through the pool screaming at me in front of my friends and family. Needless to say, dreaming about her was a nightmare. I dreamt that I had woken up and was brushing my teeth at the sink when she came home from her week long vacation and decided to walk right into my room. I walked in only to find her trying to break my closet door so that she could take my clothes. She started pulling my clothes out of my closet telling me that she was going to 'borrow' them. The last time she 'borrowed' something, it came back dirty with coffee stains and smelled like shrimp. I told her to get out of my room and to leave me alone. Then all of a sudden she starts screaming at me at the top of her lungs. When she was out of my room, I shut the door. That was when I woke up...steaming with anger. I don't think that's the greatest way to wake up in the morning.

When I was little....okay fine....even now, when I want to dream about something, I try to think about it a lot before I go to sleep. I lie in bed with my eyes closed, thinking and thinking and thinking....hoping that maybe I will fall asleep still thinking about it and dream about it. Tonight I am going to set aside a few minutes to think nice thoughts so that I will dream about them once I fall asleep.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

I went to see the Dixie Chicks last night at their sold out show in San Jose. Everyone has their opinions about the Dixie Chicks...first because of the type of music they play, and second about the little "incident" and what they had to say about our President. We had gotten our tickets in January before "The Incident" (as Natalie from The Dixie Chicks calls it) happened. But unlike the people in the midwest who protested, rioted, and burned the tickets and smashed their CDs, we went to the show. I hadn't listened much to their new CD and was kind of a stranger to some of the songs, but I must say...they are amazing performers. They put on a great show and had an awesome stage setup.

While we were waiting for the concert to begin, we saw some of the crew roll in these three huge boxes similar to a storage chest, with little holes on the top. We watched as they carefully rolled the boxes in under the stage, and then watched as the boxes were rolled out a minute later. I guess in each of the boxes was one of the girls being rolled into the stage. How cool is that? I want to be rolled in inside some special box. =)

There were sooo many people there, and the house was packed. I had heard from a friend that their concert in the midwest was pretty empty. I guess it's different when you're in California. At one point in the concert, they paused and Natalie talked about "The Incident." That was when the booing started. I was pretty surprised. There were a couple of cheers, but a lot of booing too. Once she finished saying what she wanted to say and they started singing again, the whole crowd started cheering again (short memory). heehee.

I had a great night though and got to enjoy my night with one of my favorite people.

Oh yeah...and a cowboy gave me a tattoo....yeah, it's temporary.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

For those of you with a weak stomach, this is a warning to you that this post is kind of gross. This past weekend when I came home from shopping, I walked in the front door and kind of tripped on something. My toe hurt pretty bad, but me being the tough little girl that I am, shrugged it off. ;). I sat down on the stairs and talked with my mom and boyfriend about my shopping trip and all of the joys that I had experienced as a result of it. While I was talking, I had reached down to my foot and realized that my pinky toenail was missing. IT FELL OFF!!! That was when the screaming started with me going, "What happened to my toenail???" It was pretty gross. The impact was so great, that my dear beloved toenail came off. In between shrieks of disgust and laughter, my mom and I discussed me getting a fake toenail. Do they even exist? Then we thought, maybe just get the fake fingernails and trim it to be a toenail. I wear sandals everyday and practically live in my flip-flops.

When my uncle stopped by for a visit, my boyfriend and I were trying to tell him about what had happened to my toenail. All of a sudden, my boyfriend bends down and looks at a teeny little crack in between the carpet and the tile and goes, "Is that it?" In between the crack of the tile and the carpet was a little red dot, and sure enough it was my toenail. How he spotted it is beyond me. My uncle said, "He knows every part of you...literally."

The next day I was taking my dog outside to go to the bathroom when the door shut on my foot. I yelped out in pain and sat on the floor for a little bit, all the while thinking, "Wouldn't it be funny if I lost another toenail?" Later that night, I took out the nail polish remover to remove the red nail polish that I had on my toenails so that it would be less obvious that something was missing. As I wiped off all the polish I realized that I had chipped off a part of another nail on another one of my toes!

I am deformed and accident prone.

Monday, July 14, 2003

The Good Ole' Days

Now that I'm planning on moving out of my apartment and back home, I've got a lot of organizing and cleaning to do. I need to combine two of my complete bedrooms into one. I decided a few weeks ago that since I'm already cleaning out my room, why not clean out the rest of the house? I have a strange fascination and love to clean. I guess I am somewhat of a neat freak. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to have a garage sale and was going to organize the entire thing. Little did I realize what a big task this was going to be.

I started last weekend by going through my room and taking out all of the things that I was ready to be rid of. I also started going through the other rooms in the house and organizing. I was able to talk my whole family into joining me on friday night for a, "Cleaning/Organizing Party" in the attic and the garage. We got out a bunch of boxes and I organized all of our things into categories and prices.

My dad and boyfriend went up into the attic and pulled down a bunch of boxes. Wow...opening those boxes was like opening the flood gates to all of our memories. It was so nostalgic to see my old projects, my old favorite toys, my brothers trucks and ninja turtles. It was so fun. I found a little advertisement that I had written on a 3x5 card when I was probably 9 years old. It said, "Need Help Typing? Call Kimmy. I will type whatever you need at 5 cents a page." I don't remember writing it, nor remember who I gave it to. I also found my old dresses, stuffed animals, books, and a bunch of other things. I managed to organize most of the things and separate what I wanted to get rid of. I did keep a few things however, just for memories. Sometimes it's good to have a piece of the past to remind you of how things were.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

As many of you probably know, I recently graduated from college and am looking for a full time industry position now....a "real" job. Oh the joys of looking for a job. Actually, it has been kind of fun. I've been looking at different companies and doing research on the company, what they're about, the culture, work environment, etc. Although, it would be a lot more fun if the job market was the way it was a few years ago, when companies jumped on new graduates offering them amazing jobs along with all of the other benefits. I remember the good ole days when I wasn't even close to graduating but had companies flirting with me to be an intern with them and come work with them as soon as I graduated. Today, none of those companies have any money to hire anyone. With the job market these days, us recent grads are competing with former executives who have been working for years and whose experience far outweighs our own. Needless to say, it hasn't been easy to find a job.

This past week and half, I have been getting several calls from several companies wanting to talk to me about working for them. One of these companies in particular has gotten me so excited about the possibility of working for them. I use their service on a daily basis along with millions of other people around the world. The position, although not exactly an engineering position, seems to fit me perfectly. I think that my personality and enthusiasm would really go well with it, and that it would be a company where I would thrive. I have a short phone interview with them this coming Monday. I also got another response yesterday to a job that also fits me very well. I would be doing practically exactly what I've been doing these past two years at my job.

Oh...I don't know. Maybe I'll get these jobs, maybe they're not meant for me, maybe I need a break. I don't know! Ah! I'm just excited and confused. Maybe this is the perfect place for me and they'll really want me, or maybe I'm meant to take a break after going to school for so long and working immediately after. Either way, this is a good experience to go through and an interesting stage of life. I should just let things go and whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. After all, as several people have told me, "You're smarter than you look." I never know how to take that an insult or a compliment?

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I haven't been able to watch T.V. that much this past year due to a combination of things. First of all, the management of my apartment complex decided to take away our free cable. I am one of those people where if the resource isn't there, I kind of forget about it. It's also hard to find something to watch when you only have 3 channels. I've also been very busy with school and work throughout the year, so that even if I wanted to watch T.V. I couldn't (Aside from Thursday night FRIENDS).

I've heard so much about the reality T.V. craze and how it seems like every channel and every show is a reality T.V. show, but haven't been able to dive into it with the rest of the world until now. Now that I am free from school and can catch up on other things after work, I've started to watch T.V. again, and I must say, it is CRAZY!

Some of these shows are getting so trashy it's ridiculous...You would think that there is a line that is drawn with certain shows, but oh no no...that line has definetly been crossed. I remember when one of the first trashy shows hit, my roommates and I couldn't get enough of the drama. Temptation Island was a night where we all got together around the T.V. and talked about the trashy people on the show, yet we never missed one episode. No wonder the broadcasting companies keep coming up with more and more shows. So a few weeks ago, I happened to be flipping through my three channels and stumbled upon the premiere of the show Paradise Hotel on FOX. The whole idea of the show is that a new person from America will join the cast every week. You have to hook up with someone else on the cast throughout the week, and if you don' get kicked off. Every week they go through the group and pick their roommate for the week. I'm still trying to get a grasp on the idea of the show...what happens when you win? Do you win money? An award for sleeping with the entire crew? I'm not quite sure. The whole time I'm watching the show, I think, "This is bad! This is terrible," yet...I've seen 3 out of the past 4 episodes. The drama in that show is amazing. I haven't really heard about how or when the show will end. Technically, it could go on forever since the cast changes every week along with the drama. The shows on T.V. these days...

Monday, July 07, 2003

I love long weekends. They give me a little taste of what being on vacation is like. My weekend was a very nice and relaxing one. I got to celebrate the fourth with a few of my friends and family. We had a nice little barbeque and spent the day together just hanging out and joking around. We had such good laughs that I seriously think that my stomach muscles are a little sore from all of the laughter and giggling.

On Sunday I went out to lunch with a few friends to this Thai restaurant that they've been ranting and raving about for awhile and that I haven't had a chance to visit yet. Those of us who hadn't been there yet left the ordering to the ones who talk about it all the time. The food was delicious. No wonder they've been talking about this place so much. We also ordered a few plates of dessert that all six of us shared. When the check came out, we were all a little bowled over by the amount that was there. We checked the bill over several times and figured that there must have been a mistake. The bill ended up costing each of us more than a fancy dinner would have. And it was lunch! After that, the jokes started and we started joking around about taking the table cloths and flowers on the table to make up for the amount of money that we were paying. I was nearly on the ground when one of my friends started wrapping up the mushrooms that had dropped onto the table.

Today I wrapped up my long weekend by being a good American citizen and going to jury duty. I had postponed being a juror for the past four years because I was a student, but as soon as I graduated, they got me. Well...technically I didn't really have to 'go' anywhere. I called in yesterday to find out what courtroom I was supposed to show up in, and was told that no jurors were needed in the morning. Since the county that I am registered as a resident is different from where I am currently working and staying for the next couple of months, I had to stick around to call the courthouse throughout the day to see if I was needed. When I called in later this afternoon I was told that I wasn't needed and "Thank you for serving." Too bad. I actually was kind of looking forward to potentially making a jury. I'd prefer a short case, and I think that it would have been a good experience. It's kind of funny how I used to try so hard to get out of jury duty, and when I actually do get excused, I end up being a little dissapointed.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I've found a new favorite movie for the summer, Finding Nemo! I've always loved the little Disney movies and have been quite entertained by them, but this one surprised me beyond my expectations. It was such a cute funny little cartoon that was not only meant for kids but also for the adult audience. I'm sure that some of those adult jokes just went right over the little kids' heads. They had little lessons for everyone hidden in them and the art was amazing too. I was tearing up from laughing and crying all in the same movie. Tuesdays are discount movie nights here, so tonight I just might go see this movie again.

This morning while getting ready to leave for work, I took a quick glance at my calendar and noticed that it is Canada Day. I've made a few blogger friends from Canada and so I'd just like to say...Happy Canada Day to y'all! It's so fun to read all of your blogs and hear about your stories. I try to imagine what it is like where you are in Cape Breton and Halifax and it just seems so far away. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to take a trip up there and see what it's like. I've always told myself that when I had the chance, I would travel to all of the places that I hear about but have never been. Right now would be that time wouldn't you think? I just graduated and am looking for a full time job for after September, but for the most part don't have any 'big' responsibilities. Yet, it's kind of a weird situation. Here I am in the perfect time to take off and travel the world, yet I can't afford to do all these things because I don't have a job. But, when I have a job and have the money to travel, I won't have the time to travel the world because I have a job. *sigh*....if only. Maybe I will win the lottery or win a raffle, then all of my dreams will come true. =)