Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Happy Halloween Indeed

What a fun Halloween!

I don't normally care too much about Halloween but had some fun moments this year and some memories that I'm sure will stick around for awhile.

I carved potentionally my first pumpkin ever...

Pumpkin Carving

With the help of many various people, came up with a costume idea that actually all came together. From running into a girlfriend randomly at the mall and then picking out the right pants, to running out to the military supply store with the gang and getting dog tags made to say "General Kimmy", and the finishing touch, the boots my hubby so adamantly fought for.


Then of course the annual Google Halloween Bash which, as always, was a blast. It's so fun to see so many people with such elaborate costumes. There were also a couple of random funny moments...like the outrageous "chaps", Debbie's wings getting caught on the wall as we walked down the hallway, tired smiles, and being chanted to by a random man in a hula skirt.

Then I ended the night peacefully at home handing out candy to the little kids in our neighborhood....and thankfully...this year we got more than two trick-or-treaters. My night was complete when a little toddler came to the door with a few other kids and when I exclaimed, "Curious George!" he repeated me in an even more excited voice, "Curious George!" and smiled at me as I gave him a sucker.

Stylin' Toby

Toby in Google GearToby in a shirt

Over the weekend, I tried to put a Google dog t-shirt onto Toby. This seemingly easy task turned into quite a struggle but I was able to snap a couple of pictures in the five minutes the shirt stayed on him.



The General and Toby

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gonna carve me a pumkin'

My girlfriends are coming over tonight to carve pumpkins. I think the last time I carved a pumpkin, I was nine years old. And even then I am not really sure that I actually carved the pumpkin or if my dad did it for me and I told him what I wanted....

It is more likely the latter.

So....tonight could potentially be my first time carving a pumpkin ever.

Wish me luck.

Monday, October 23, 2006



As most of my friends know...I am a lover of board games.

Last week, I got the following email from the Caped Craniac Crusader from Cranium and found out that people like me are known as...craniacs.

Hey Kimmy!

My name is Michael and I am the Caped Craniac Crusader at Cranium. (No joke, that’s my real title). My job is to look far and wide for Cranium fans, which we call Craniacs.

I saw that you blogged about a Cranium game and I wanted to personally thank you for the Cranium shout out.

I also wanted to let you know that we just launched an online version of our latest game, Pop 5. You can learn all about it here: www.pop5.com —and the coolest part is that you can even become part of the online game by submitting a video performance.

Well thanks again for being a Craniac. I’d love to send you an inflatable Cranium helmet for your next party…let me know where to send it and I’ll get it in the mail shortly.

Caped Craniac Crusader

Now I am ready for the next game night!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn in New England

We have been in New England enjoying the fall and the leaves changing their colors. What a gorgeous place to be.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Eastern sense of direction

I have been on the East Coast this week. One thing I've noticed about people on the East is that everyone seems to have a great sense of direction. They always know where North, South, East, West are. When giving directions, they'd say to head east...or west...or whichever way and everyone seemed to understand this. To get my bearings on how to get around town, I went to hopstop.com and got directions on how to use the subway and to walk to my destination from there. I was doing great until I got out of the subway station and was told to head West. I had no idea what to do and looked all over trying to get my bearings...but no luck. Most of this week, I would just pick one direction and walk until I knew for sure I was lost or hit the wrong street, then turn around and try again. Us west coasters...or at least I...do not understand the concept of north or south, east or west. I had no idea I was supposed to bring a compass with me.

Left or right people....left or right....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eye problems

I've been traveling this week and am having some serious eye issues. My left eye is bloodshot while my right eye..."looks normal" but instead, is twitching. I keep telling the people around me that I swear I don't always look this freakish.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Slow down

Sometimes amidst all the chaos and busyness of life, it's a nice a reminder to just...slow down.


I'm gonna
slow down
I'm gonna
sip tea
I'm gonna
put my feet up
and ask time to marry me

I'm gonna
slow down
I'm gonna
drink up
I'm gonna
put my feet up
and then have another cup

- Rachael Sage

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cotton Candy Memories

Today at work, one of the cafes had food celebrating Oktoberfest. There were five different types of pretzels, bratwurst, and other items of German goodness. There was also some cotton candy. I'm not a big fan of cotton candy but I got some today to be nostalgic.

When I was a little kid, I used to beg my parents for that fluffy pink candy. Every time we were at a theme park, I would stare at the other little kids who walked around with their little heavenly pink clouds and envied them. No matter how much I begged or whined, my parents didn't give in. Then one year, my dad somehow got weak and bought me a gigantic puff of cotton candy. I was SO happy. But once I tried biting into it and eating it...realized it wasn't so great. It was just sugar and melted immediately in my mouth. My fingers got sticky. It didn't taste how it looked. So disappointed. But I had worked so hard and begged for so long, I couldn't let my parents know that they were....right....

So as I slowly struggled to eat it all...my dad asked, "How is it? Aren't you going to finish that?"

I responded with, "Yummy. It's great! Of course I'll finish it...."

I'm not entirely sure that I did finish it. But I can say I never asked for it again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Splish Splash

This morning the girl I was sitting next to on the bus had a cup of Starbucks which she placed in the cupholder attached to the seat in front of her. The guy in the seat ahead of her had reclined his seat during most of the ride. As we neared the campus, he raised his seatback which in turn caused a major amount of coffee to splash out onto me and my seatmate. Our clothes were splattered and our faces were splashed with coffee. We both shouted, "WOAH" at the same time and sat up scrambling to wipe up our faces from the coffee that had somehow given us a morning wakeup call. At the time...it wasn't very funny, but thinking about how we were both leaning back peacefully with our eyes closed and were startled by a "splash of coffee" seems so appropriate for a Monday morning.