Thursday, September 29, 2005

More pics for your viewing pleasure


While Bertrand made some arrangements for our next week of travel, I uploaded some more pictures from our trip. Pics are now available of London, Barcelona, and parts of our cruise (Villefranche, Nice, & Monaco). Captions to come once we are home and rested.

We are in the fashion capital of the world now, Milan and have been shopping our little hearts out...okay, just my little heart out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Alive and well...and married

Hello! Allo! Bonjour! Hola!

Well we are on our second week of our world tour honeymoon (okay, just Europe). It has been amazing so far. The wedding was beautiful and went like a dream. We were wisked away by a plane the morning after and headed to London to begin our honeymoon. Since then...we have been to London, Barcelona, Pisa, Florence, Naples, Rome, Villefranche, Nice, Monaco, Avignon, Le Pontet, and are now in Cinque Terre. Tomorrow, we are headed for Milan. It is quite convenient travelling with a quadralingual husband (English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese).

Want to see some pictures? Some of our first week here.

Update: I take for granted high speed internet connection at home and OSs capable of uploading a lot of pictures to Flickr. You will at least be able to see "some" pictures of our first week. The rest..along with the other 3 weeks, will be uploaded once we are home.

Friday, September 09, 2005

This is it

The friends and relatives have arrived
Everything has been set aside
The dress is clean and pressed
The nails are done
The luggage is ready and waiting

Let's get married!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I got it! I am weak in the knees for cute techno-gadgets. The profile does not lie. Today I went and got myself an iPod nano. This thing is chock full of awesomeness. It is incredibly thin and teeny-tiny AND it holds pictures. *swoon* I am planning on taking this along on our month of travels and downloading all of our pictures to it all while listening to some good tunes.

I love you nano.

I could get used to this

I got my very first manicure and pedicure ever today. So much fun! I even got cute little flowers painted on my toes and was treated extra special because of a certain special event coming up in the next couple of days. I keep looking at my fingers and toes now. I could get used to this pampering thing.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Anybody home?

Today is my last day of work for an entire month. I have promised myself and Bertrand that I would not check my work email for the next 30 days. I am taking a screenshot of my inbox before I leave and after I return. Aside from scrambling around the entire day tying up loose ends, I have done a fine job of being completely scatterbrained. I just got out of a meeting and can't remember a single word I said even though I was the facilitator. I keep finding myself calling people and as soon as they pick up, forget the reason I called. Perfect time for a vacation.

iPod nano

I want it

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A month

Bertrand and I decided a long time ago that when we got married, we would really get away from it all and take an extended honeymoon together to enjoy our first moments together as husband and wife. We will be leaving bright and early the morning after our wedding for a month long honeymoon in Europe. I can't wait.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Let the countdown begin! reality, the countdown has been going since the day we got engaged. Now that we're under a week, instead of counting just days, maybe I should start counting down the hours.

What did I do my last weekend as a single woman? I have been superbride and have been running around getting as many things done as possible for the preparation. In just two days, guests will start arriving and the hustle and bustle will be even more hectic than it already has been. Despite the chaos, things are coming together nicely. Bertrand and I are all packed up and ready for our honeymoon. Pretty exciting!

Please be nice to the bride-to-be. Chocolate will do just fine.