Friday, May 09, 2003

Whole Earth Festival

Yay hippies! Today was the start of the annual Whole Earth Festival here in Davis. Nothing like a bunch of hippies gathering together on the quad and selling their tye-dye and pottery. I actually had a lot of fun today. I got to try on a few fun was even in the shape of a fish.

There was the lifesize jungle climbing thing and the humongous tricycle. The main speaker this year is the lady who lived in a tree for three years to save its life. Everything at the Whole Earth Festival seemed to be centered around trees and everything else organic. We had to pay an extra dollar as a deposit on our plastic plates when we bought food and got the dollar back when we returned the plate. Mostly it was just a gorgeous day out, and was fun just to walk around and see all of the weird and interesting things that they had...

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