Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I am: happy to be me :)
I think: I have the greatest friends
I know: that I am very blessed and fortunate
I want: to go on a shopping spree
I have: two fishies in a bowl on my desk
I wish: that I never had to clean their bowl...*sigh*
I hate: mean people
I miss: summer
I fear: that people I care about don't know how strongly I feel about them
I feel: a little bit sore in my back and my neck
I hear: the T.V. playing downstairs
I smell: like fruity lotion
I crave: chocolate
I search: for things I want to learn about online
I wonder: what will happen in the future
I pretend: that I'm tall by wearing 3 inch heels
I regret: but I know that I shouldn't because you can't change the past
I love: the "I Remember" song on the Hallmark commercials
I long: to have a happy family one day
I care: about how others feel
I always: listen to music when I play on the computer
I am not: ready to go to bed yet.
I believe: in Jesus Christ
I promise: to keep my promises
I dance: when I am happy :)
I sing: in the shower and in the car
I cry: when someone hurts my feelings
I am not always: right
I fight: sometimes when it isn't necessary
I write: long letters
I try: to apologize whenever I am wrong
I never: can hear my 5 alarm clocks in the morning
I confuse: myself
I listen: to a friend in need
I can usually be found: online
I hide: from the boogie monster
I am scared: of cats and mice
I need: a hug
I expect: people to be polite to me when I am polite to them
I should: wash my car
I still: think about the funny moments that tickle me when I think about them
I already: fed my fish

Monday, October 14, 2002

Trapped in The Room

I went home this past weekend to my parent's house. It's always nice to be home. While I am away, my room poses as a guestroom for my parent's occasional friends who come through. This was such the case this past week and a friend of my mom's had stayed at our house and in my room. I hadn't had a chance to wash the sheets yet when I returned home, and was too exhausted friday night to bother so I had decided on sleeping in my brother's empty room. After taking a shower I went into the room and closed the door. I was not yet ready for bed, still had to go to the bathroom, and had no pillow. When I turned around to accomplish all of these tasks, I realized that the doorknob was BROKEN!!! I was trapped! And I had to go pee....and it was 2:30AM! Ah! So sitting there contemplating what I should do...I decided that I would tough it out and go to bed and try to sleep away the need to go pee. It was 2:30 in the morning and I really didn't want to disturb my parent's peaceful sleep with my knocking on the door and screaming for help. So lying in bed (with no pillow) my mind started wandering...and I started thinking about what if this...what if that...what if there is a fire...how will I get out. And then...the sweating started and the breathing slowed down. I really was about to have a panic attack being trapped in the little room. So I closed my eyes, prayed, and went to sleep. I woke up to my mom knocking on the door and half asleep I screamed out from my bed..."I'm TRAPPED!" I heard my mom wiggling the door and unable to open it she called out for my dad, who also attempted to open the door. I just stayed in bed mumbling about how I was stuck and that I had to go pee. My dad asked me to come over to the door and help him wiggle the door so that we could get it open. I sat at the door talking to my parents while wiggling the doorknob and....tadaaa...it popped OPEN! Yay for daddy! :)

Sunday, October 06, 2002

RENO: The Biggest Little City In the World

Fall Quarter is in full swing...assignments have been handed out, projects assigned, midterms are quickly approaching. Campus is as full as ever and everyone is hustling and bustling around to their classes. Every quarter around finals time, I beat myself up and wonder why I hadn't studied harder throughout the quarter so that finals time would only be a "review" and not a 24 hours cramfest. This quarter, like every quarter, I told myself that I will stay on top of my classes from day one. I will stay on top of reading. I will study every chance that I get. So after the first full week of school, what did I do? heehee. I went to Reno! :)

Well...6 girls + 2 cars = DRAMA! Ah! We weren't even out of Davis yet and yes...drama occurred. Luckily everyone sucked it up and we continued on our weekend long journey to the little city of fun. The drive to Reno was pretty entertaining. I've always enjoyed road trips especially with people you can talk to because it give you a chance to "bond."

We had made reservations at the Atlantis casino resort online about a month before. Arriving at the Atlantis was so exciting. It was a tall building lit with flourescent lights and we were so excited that we got to stay there. While we were checking in the hotel, the concierge politely informs us with a smile that we would be staying in the "Motor Lodge." Ahem....the motor lodge is a two story motel in the parking lot of the Atlantis Casino Resort. So rather than staying in the nice hotel, we got to stay in the motel that shared a parking lot with it. :)

After dumping all of our stuff in the room we headed out to begin our weekend-long gambling/eating/people watching spree. We all agreed that Circus Circus loves us. Circus Circus casino 'gave' us a lot of money, but we were not loyal to Circus Circus and instead 'shared' the money with the rest of the casinos in Reno. Realizing this on our last day there, we headed back to our faithful Circus Circus and all went home happy.

Being all 'new' to the whole gambling/casino concept, we all got yelled at by various dealers for not knowing the gambling ettiquette. I never realized that there WAS a gambling ettiquette, but trust me....the dealers made us realize that there was. :)

In the end we had a great time bonding with each other and spending time together before school hit us too hard. I guess it must have been beginners luck or just plain dumb luck but we all went away winners.