Friday, June 27, 2003


It's going to be 106 degrees today...woah. Well, I guess summer has finally hit, and the cool weather that we've been enjoying for the past couple of weeks has gone bye-bye. Thank goodness for free air conditioning while at work. Otherwise I would just never be able to escape this heat.

Well I've been doing the full-time work deal starting this week. I thought that I would get used to being at work everyday at 8 and waking up at 6:30 every morning, but now that it's friday and the end of the week, I've realized that there is no getting used to waking up so early. I'm just happy that the weekend is finally here! Yippee!

I'm starting to set up a photos section to the site, thanks to Brent from nextreality for setting up the gallery for me. :)

Monday, June 23, 2003

I usually pride myself for being quick on my toes and able to react to things quickly, but I miserably failed in this aspect the other day. Let me start the story by telling you about one of my professors from freshman year that I became friends with. It was the first quarter of my college career at UC Davis. My very first engineering class was a 300 person programming class. The professor that taught it was very intimidating older gentleman with a heavy european accent, white beard and hair. The class was meant to 'weed' people out of the major to see who would survive to move on to the next level. After surviving the entire quarter after many nights staying awake learning how to program, (I didn't even know what programming was coming in to college) I happened to be walking through the Engineering building and passed by my professor's office. I peaked my head in to say hello and he smiled and invited me into his office. We sat there and talked for the longest time and he ended up being such a nice man. We talked about random things about life to school and our weekends. It was kind of weird because I had been so scared of this man only a quarter before. When I left he told me to stop by once in awhile and talk with him, so I did. One time while we were chit-chatting he mentioned how he was self-conscious about his accent and I told him that I could understand him fine. I asked him where he was from and he said, "Austria." I was like, "Oh! I just went to Austria" He said, "Oh yeah? What part?"...and then I said, "Munich" We both paused, and he looked at me and said, "Munich is in Germany." I almost died. I tried so hard to think of some excuse to why I said Munich when I knew that it was in Germany. Nothing. So after that visit, I still came back to visit him another time and during a small silence, I got a little nervous and said, "Are you married?" I have no idea where that question came from. I myself was in shock hearing myself ask him. He was also very shocked apparently and said, "No." I was still trying to figure out why the heck I asked him that question and said, "Oh that's nice." He looked at me once again, a little shocked and said, "It is???" about sticking your foot in your mouth. So I was so embarrassed and told him about how my uncle was also a professor and that he also wasn't married. I said that it was nice because he's so busy. I know that doesn't make any sense, but for some reason I wasn't thinking straight. Amazingly enough, this man still liked to talk to me and didn't think I was a crazy or dumb little girl and we continued to talk. Summer was approaching, and I didn't go to visit him again for several months. In the fall when I went to go see him, his office was vacant and it had said that he had retired. I could never get ahold of him again because he probably went back to Austria.

For my graduation dinner we went to a restaurant called Soga's in downtown Davis. We had a nice long table for our party of 14 right by the front windows of the restaurant. I was sitting in the middle, and randomly looked out the window in the middle of the dinner and spotted a man walking down the street outside and caught his eye. It was him! It was the long lost professor. He also caught my eye at the same time and we both kind of took a second glance and I waved. I kind of yelped and said something to the people I was with and all 14 heads turned to look out the window. He kept walking, but kept looking back. And then he turned around and walked back to the window, smiled and waved. My whole family and all of my friends were telling me to get up and go outside, but all I could do was sit there. I don't know why I didn't react and jump up and run outside. I just sat there. So then after waving for a little bit, he kept walking down the street and when I finally stood up, he was gone.

Why was I so slow to react? I had been looking for him for so long and here he was literally right outside the door and I didn't get up. =(
As I sit here eating lunch, a random question pops into my head...

Why do we eat pickles with sandwiches?

Friday, June 20, 2003

It's amazing how you can plan to do so much during your free time, yet when that free time end up getting nothing done at all. Welcome to my vacation week. I had originally planned that I would get so much done this week. Since I no longer have any school to worry about, and took the week off of work, I should have time to do things...right?

I had this extravagant...and probably a little outrageous plan about how much I would get done this week. I was going to organize all of my stuff along with all of my parents stuff so that I could organize a garage sale. I was going to have everything that we were ready to get rid of set aside and marked up with their prices and everything else. I was going to have planned who I would call or donate the unsold items to afterwards. This week I was going to find potential companies that I would like to work for and write out letters to them and send them my resumes. I was going to spend some time shopping at all the various malls in the bay area and just lounge around town all day with my cup of iced coffee. I was going to sleep in until noon or later, and catch up on all of my lost sleep from these past few years. I was going to start building my scrapbooks and getting my pictures developed. I was going to go for a jog, ride my bike, and rollerblade everyday and be Miss. Ultra Healthy.

Instead...I ended up getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on the first day of my vacation and was knocked out from all of the drugs for the first two days. Once those two days of nothingness passed, and I managed to get myself out of bed around noon, I managed to tidy up the house a little bit and run a couple of errands. Oddly enough, every morning that I wake up, I have this excrutiating pain on the right side of my face, and end up just lying in bed not moving for another couple of hours. Today, I had a "Girl's day out" with one of my girlfriends and did a little bit of shopping and bonding. I also finally went to see Finding Nemo...a very cute movie! But then as I sit here tonight and realize that it is friday morning and the end of my vacation week...I realize that I have barely gotten anything done compared to my extravagant plans that I had made last week. From now on, my plans for vacation should be..."To do nothing."

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I'm done! I'm free! Yippee!!!

These past few days have been a complete blur. Graduation went well and was a lot of fun. My friends and family came up to help me celebrate my graduation day and made me feel so special. There were so many little surprises that I am still shaking from the shock. My roommates and I spent the entire morning on friday cleaning up the house so that it could be "showable" to our friends and family. It's kind of funny how we can live a certain way all the time, but when we have people coming over, we clean it up all spick and span and pretend that we're always like that. Graduation was alright. It wasn't that long of a ceremony because our college was pretty small compared to the others. We took about a bazillion and one pictures and went out to a really nice dinner. Afterwards, we all headed back to the bay area and stayed up the entired night talking and playing some board games. I never realized how much fun that it could be. I had to drop off my cousin at the airport at 5AM and rather than going to sleep for 4 hours, we just stayed up all night. On monday I got my wisdom teeth removed and since then I've been lying on the couch with my vicadin and catching up on all the shows that I've missed while being without cable TV. I love being on vacation.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I can't's the night before my very last final...ever. I just took a sleeping pill after lying in bed for over an hour. So many thoughts going through my head. I was thinking about how worried I am for this last final. After some last minute cramming tonight, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the final will be over quick and painlessly. I was thinking about my final that I took today in Computer Security and how I hope that I did well. I checked my grade online today for my term paper and had to take a second glance when I saw that my score was a 9/100. A 9/100??? I hope that there was a typo and there are some other numbers after that 9...I will find out tomorrow morning when I go to see the professor.

I also thought about life in general and how much there is to look forward to. My roommate got engaged this weekend. Yay! Congratulations! We talked for about 3 hours while she told me about how it happened and how she reacted etc. We talked about future plans after graduation and about her plans for her wedding. Wow. Later on, our conversation drifted to this girl that may be living with us over the summer, a freshman, and how she has so many questions. She has so much that she doesn't know, and that she was curious enough to ask us about. She seemed so innocent and naive. And then my roommate made the comment, "She's like us a few years ago." College has been an amazing time. The learning and academic stuff has been alright, and I have learned more than I thought my little brain could handle. But from these four years here, I think that I have learned more about myself than any book or professor could ever teach me. Through my experiences in friendship, laughter, love, and heartbreak I have become a more mature and independent person. I have learned what true friendship is and what it really means to always have a friend you can run to. I learned that sometimes, it is more fun to sit around with friends and talk all night rather than go out and "find something to do." I learned that growing up and getting to become friends with your parents rather than just their child, is such an amazing feeling. I have also learned about love, and how meeting that one person can change your life forever. And to think, I was just as innocent and naive as this girl is now, only a few years ago. There is still so much out there though, and I can't wait to experience it all.

I think the pills are starting to kick in. I'm off to bed now.

Good night.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Can you help me? I need to know what you think and take a little "poll." As some of you might know, I will be graduating this week. A lot of times during graduations, it's hard to pick out people during the ceremonies, looking down at hundreds of black caps and gowns. Some people decorate the tops of their caps so that their friends and family can find them easily among the sea of black caps. I've been contemplating decorating my cap. I think it would be kind of fun and different. After all, it is my college graduation. How many more times is this going to happen? Ok, here is my dilemma. I can't decide on how I should decorate it. For one thing, I know that I like flowers and that I want to have some flowers on my cap. I'll probably stick out like a sore thumb, not only for being one of very few girls in the College of Engineering, but also because there will be some bright little flowers on my head. =) Please help me, and pick one of the four sample caps below that I have yet to permanently glue to my cap yet and give me your thoughts on them. Which one should I pick? Should I even do it?

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

It has been soooo hot lately. Hundred degree weather has finally hit and we are definetly feeling the effects of it. I personally think that the most perfect temperature would be in about the 80s. It's not too hot and not too cold. You can wear shorts, pants, skirts, t-shirts, tanktops, etc. anything goes. But when it's weather like this, you almost don't have a choice but to wear something that will help your body to cool down a bit. I like to have choices, I want to have the freedom to wear anything and still be comfortable with the weather. I can't really say that I enjoy jumping from one temperature extreme to the other either. Walking outside is like being in a sauna, but as soon as you step into one of the buildings around here or lecture halls, the AC is blasting so hard, that I end up freezing to death. What I end up doing is wearing summer clothes and dragging along a sweater or jacket to wear once I get inside. Ironic huh?