Monday, May 19, 2003

What it feels like to be three weeks away from graduation....

  • So close, yet so far....I want nothing more than to do absolutely nothing and just goof off my last quarter here in college and just enjoy being here. Apparently my professors didn't get the memo, because they're giving me way too much to do.
  • Senioritis....the disease that plagues all seniors at one point or the other, where you really stop caring about anything academic. It's taken awhile, but the senioritis has finally hit me....when I only have three weeks left. Why didn't it come earlier? My stress level would have been much reduced.
  • The economy.... :( No jobs there for me to apply for...and the ones that are available have about 80,000 people applying for one position.
  • What am I going to do now?...I am a very organized person and I usually know what I want. I had it all planned out...I was going to graduate in four years, get a job...Now that there is no job (yet), what am I going to do?
  • I need a break. Hey, I think I deserve a little break. What better time to do it than when I am done with school and haven't started working yet? No responsibilities...or big ones yet. I had planned on taking a tour of Asia since I have never been there and would love to see what it is like there. As I was making travel plans...SARS broke out. So, no more Asia.
  • What do I want?...The other night I was lying in bed thinking about everything and what I wanted to do now with my life in the next year. And then I suddenly realized...I have no idea. I don't know what I want to do anymore. I used to have it planned out, but now that that moment is here, I really don't know anymore. So many things seem like they would be fun and interesting to do.
  • I have so much junk. Now that I will be moving out of my apartment soon, I have started going through and throwing away things that I no longer need. I have saved every single assignment and test from every single class over the past four years. Why? I thought that either I might need them to reference back to, or that they would be useful to any of my friends taking the class later. I've gone through and trashed boxes full of papers. Clothes...Salvation Army loves me and my roommates. We are going through everything and putting them in bags to give to salvation army.
  • I'm going to miss this place. Last night after having dinner with my roommates, I walked around the corner to the apartments right behind me to work on homework with a couple of my friends. On my way over, another friend was in his apartment and called me in to watch his inflatable plane fly from upstairs down to the window. After graduation, life will be different, and I won't be living next door to all of my friends anymore and I won't be living in a town with 25,000 other people my age.
  • I'm getting old. Okay...okay...those of you who are older than me are probably going, "psh." But, I have realized that after college, that is when you start to get old, and I am at that peak. :)

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