Tuesday, March 15, 2011

technology is awesome

Our voicemail is setup to email me the .wav file of the voicemail along with an email transcribing the person's message.  This is pretty awesome, especially if I'm not in a place where I can listen to the voicemail.  It actually works pretty well most of the time.

However, my grandpa called the other day and left me the following voicemail:

Hello Bertrand and Kimmy. I received the picture you sent of the kids. Thank you very much. They look very nice in the Vietnamese dress. Okay, talk to you later. Bye.

The email I received said this:

Hello Robert Craig give me. I have you see where you at the show the tape. Thank you very much. They have very now she's now be Trish. Okay. Talk to you later. Bye 

Hmmm...yeah not quite. But thanks for the entertainment!