Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fair Food

Is so bad and yet so good.

This year's tummy ache has been brought to you by....

the funnel cake...
Funnel Cake

jumbo corn dogs...
Corn dogs

waffle cones w/ frozen yogurt
Frozen Yogurt

a basket of garlic fries...
Garlic Fries

corn on the cob...
Corn on the cob

giant cups of lemonade...

and some beef jerky thrown in for good measure.

Ugh. Until next year!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Remember Push-Ups?

These bring back so many childhood memories for me. They are the best treat ever on those hot summer days.

The other day I got back from a walk outside in beautiful warm downtown Palo Alto and was craving a good popsicle. And then I remembered the sherbet Push-Ups and had a major craving for some.

So I asked for some, and my work got them for me yesterday.

I guess The Flintstones are old school and SpongeBob is the new thing now. Am I that old?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I got an email from United Airlines this morning stating that their policies are changing now that there is an extra fee for any checked baggage. $15 for your first bag and $25 for your second. What's next? A charge for the seat cushion? Coin operated toilets? Next thing you know, I'll be lugging all the stuff I crammed into a carry-on along with my seat cushion, food, and coins for the bathroom after I've already paid a ton just to get on the plane.

I proposed that Bertrand and I start taking some "staycations" this summer. A staycation is when you relax and have fun in your very own home town or area. In the Bay Area we have so many wonderful things to do and places to explore, why not just stick around town, enjoy why we live here, and help our local economy.

Okay, this really wasn't "my idea"...I heard it on the radio. But it's a good one!

Some ideas:
  • Day trip to Yosemite
  • Day in the beautiful city of San Francisco
  • Day trip to Monterey/Carmel
  • Hike in the Sunol Hills
  • Explore all the beautiful little downtowns in the neighboring cities
  • Learn to fly a kite in the park
  • Actually wake up early on a Saturday and go to garage sales
  • Go to the County Fair
My first staycation will be to treat myself to a "relaxing" day of shopping at the local mall. Ahhhh....staycation.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

all the little things of me

i <3 nachosWhile we were in San Diego, Bertrand snapped this picture of me eating one of my favorite snacks...nachos! Why he always seems to have the urge to take a picture of me when I'm eating, I haven't quite figured out yet.

Anyways...this picture so greatly captures so many aspects of "me".

1. My sunglasses. I love sunglasses and pretty much wear them or have them clipped to my shirt or propped on to of my head at all times sun is anywhere in sight.
2. Nachos. Chips + Cheese = Yum!
3. My blackberry. Or should I say crackberry?
4. Purell. bye bye germies!
5. My camera. I love taking pictures of anything and everything (and anywhere)

All that's missing is a shot of me in flip flops and you've pretty much got "kimmy" down!