Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Guess who I saw! Guess who I saw! RASCAL FLATTS! Ahhhhhhh!!!! =)

To say that I had a great weekend would be quite an understatement. Yay for Memorial Day weekend! On friday Bertrand took me to go see my very favorite group perform in concert. It was so fun! Rascal Flatts were awesome performers and we had some pretty good seats. During the break when the stage was getting prepared for the next band, my friend Lawrence from high school called me up and we played a game of Where's Waldo to find each other among the crowd of thousands. We met up outside of the amphi-theater and Scott another friend was with him too! It was so nice to see them after four years, we took pictures together and talked about the concert. Of course as soon as I heard the band come on stage, I took off running. Brooks and Dunn, the headliners, were also awesome performers. In case you haven't figure out by now....yes, I am a country fan. Why? Because it's good stuff! I'm not that into the old twangy stuff, but the new country, I love. A lot of people say, "Country sucks." I don't mind if others have different taste in music than I do, as long as they've actually listened to country and then say that it sucks. People who just say that it sucks right off the bat, without ever giving it a shot, are just ignorant in my eyes. I listen to all types of music and don't descriminate. If you give everything a try, you learn to appreciate them all. Who says you only have to listen to one type of music? However, there are definetly stereotypes and at this particular concert, I was surrounded by hics in Wranglers and Cowboy hats. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day.

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