Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work. Not shopping.

Coming home from work is always the best feeling in the world. Especially with my little munchkins rushing the door, cheering and shouting for me. Sometimes...the kids seem to get confused as to where I went though...

A conversation with my son as I'm stepping into the door.
Brendan: Mommy's home!!! Hi Mommy! You go shopping?
Me: Hi Brendan! No, I went to work.
Brendan: Hmm...shopping?
Me: Work.
Brendan: Oh. You go work? Come home.
Me: I am home Brendan!
Brendan: Yay Mommy!!! Yay shopping!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 before 30

With only 4 months left until I turn the big 3-0, I've finally decided to finish writing my 30 before 30 list and share them. Follow along as I try to do the little things I've always wanted to do before saying goodbye to my 20s.

1. Plant my own vegetable garden  (4/2011)
2. Run a mile without stopping to walk or smell the flowers (8/2011)
3. Fly a kite with the kids (7/2011)
4. Build a sand castle with my babies (yay! - 8/2011)
5. Make photo albums of our vacations over the last 2 years
6. Watch all the Godfather movies
7. Learn to cook a real Vietnamese dish and actually do it (7/2011)
8. Learn to cut a mango without slicing my hand off  (5/2011)
9. Create, Teach, Do, Record a dance routine with my little girl, Kylie
10. Have a girl’s day out with my Mamma (4/2011 - Cirque Du Soleil : Quidam)
11. Read a new trilogy/book series (3/2011 - Hunger Games. Loved it!)
12. Teach the twins to count to 20 in 4 different languages (8/2011)
13. Learn to play and memorize a new song on the piano
14. Have a family campout in our backyard (Did even better, we did real camping! 7/2011)
15. Have a vase of freshly cut flowers from my own garden (7/2011)
16. Do a jigsaw puzzle (5/2011)
17. Go to a wax museum (8/2011 - kids were freaked out!)
18. Go to the driving range again and dust off my golf clubs
19. Make fresh squeezed lemonade with lemons I pick myself (4/2011)
20. Do a real push-up (5/2011)
21. Do a pull-up (8/2011)
22. Get grape bubble gum and blow the biggest possible bubble I can (4/19/2011 - Went all the way over my nose!)
23. Take the kids sledding  (3/2011)
24. Eat a beignet (4/2011)
25. Learn how to change a tire
26. Drink a whole bottle of wine. By myself. (8/2011 - oh boy)
27. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee (8/2011)
28. Play my favorite childhood board games: Connect 4, Battleship (sunk!), Monopoly (7/2011)
29. Learn to make crepes (7/2011)
30. Learn to skip a rock on water (Even got this on video. woot. 8/2011)