Friday, August 31, 2007

I miss wearing shoes

About a month ago, I clumsily kicked the post to my bed with the inside of my right foot. I fell down in excruciating pain and limped around for a day or two. The foot turned a dark purple and swelled up. From that moment on, I had to wear flip-flops on a daily basis since it hurts to wear shoes and they no longer fit the same way. Last week or so, I realized that the foot was still in pain, still bruised, and in place of the swelling was a new little hard "bump" jutting out of my foot.

Probably not a good thing...

So I got x-rayed finally last week and turns out that I have a bone bruise. No fun! At least it's not broken or more serious.

I can't wait till the bump dies down so I can start wearing normal shoes again!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nodding off

Last night, I stopped at The Hub and got a little bag of popcorn to munch on before hopping on my bus home. Once I got onboard, the bus was pretty crowded so I had to sit in an aisle seat next to another fellow shuttle rider. I guess my day caught up with me and I nodded off. Literally. It was almost an out of body experience where I could feel and tell what was happening and that my head was flopping around all over the place, but had no control of it. It is also very possible that I may have fallen onto my fellow seat sharer. That added onto my sporadic jerking as I'd wake up probably didn't help either. He never said anything to me as I tried to gather myself when arriving at my destination. Relieved to be off the bus and away from onlookers, I got in my car and pulled down my mirror to see how sleepy I looked. And what do you know....I had some popcorn stuck to my lip.

Oh boy.

My goal is to try to sit next to the same man on the way home today and be an extra good rider so that he doesn't think I have completely lost it. A cup of coffee beforehand might help too.

Mango in toe

Mango in toeWe were cutting some mango and a little piece fell on the floor. Max walked by and stepped on it and the little piece of mango got stuck in his toe!

That was a close one

We are going to Cancun in a couple of weeks and are watching Hurricane Dean closely. Maybe it will get all its oomph out before we get there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Balloon Mixup

Happy Birthday..."sport"Bertrand sent me flowers for my birthday yesterday. They were beautiful and arrived in a pretty red vase with a balloon. But the balloon said, "Happy Birthday Sport".

Huh? Sport? I don't play sports...and I'm not a little boy.

Apparently, he told the florist to just put "any" Happy Birthday balloon on it. They on the other hand, assumed all little boys got vases of flowers delivered them.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Best birthday ever

What a great birthday!


My friends joined me on Saturday for some trampoline dodgeball and jumping around in the trampoline rooms. What fun! I had always figured that the trampoline did all the work jumpingwise, but soon discovered how exhausting jumping and hopping around could be...and how fun.


Birthday Girl


high five!

Trampoline Dodgeball


After getting cleaned up, we headed to Santana Row for a nice big dinner at Maggiano's.

Dinner at Maggiano's

Santana Row


Lunch and cake with the family on Sunday.


don't lick the cake Max!

Work today...where my husband sent me flowers and my friends at work threw a mini surprise get together for me.

I feel so loved. Thank you everyone. :)

Trampoline Fun

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer BBQs

To celebrate what's left of summer, us settling into our home, and really....just because, we had a couple of parties this weekend and a bunch of friends over to hang out.

Sun, friends, games, and A LOT of food = Good weekend.



The Girls


Summer BBQ


Friday, August 10, 2007


We watched a movie last night and I fell asleep towards the latter half of it. Today I asked Bertrand if it was good. I guess he didn't hear me and answered with, "He kills everybody in the end."

Hm. Wonderful. I guess I don't need to go back and watch the parts I missed.

Monday, August 06, 2007

My desk is a pantry

I just stopped and looked around at my desk and realized all the random eats and drinks I have scattered about.
  • 1 packet of chocolate mints
  • 3 pieces of gum
  • 1 bottle of organic orange juice
  • 2 half full bottles of water
  • 1 bottle of green tea
  • 2 mini bags of M&Ms
  • 1 half eaten bag of popcorn
  • 1 half eaten bar of chocolate
  • ....1 packet of salt
What's on your desk?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nerdy kid

While discussing some birthday plans, I mentioned to Bertrand how when I was little, my uncle would take me to the toy store and tell me to pick anything I wanted in the store. I told him how excited I was every year for that and how it seemed like such a huge thing that I could pick ANYTHING.

Bertrand: "What'd you pick?"

Me: " year I got a globe. Another year an Encylopedia."

*moment of silence*

Me: "Weird...I had the whole toy store at my disposal and I picked a globe and an encylopedia. haha!"

Bertrand: "Nerd."