Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Handy Woman

Over the past two weeks, I have been focused on getting as much done as possible. As soon as I'm done with work, I jet home to either run errands or do some sort of handy work. Since I'd decided to re-decorate my room, I have spent every night being productive and working towards the final goal of having a fresh new look. I have been living a sheltered life and haven't done that much physical handy work...actually, I've never done it period. In the past week, I have painted a room, sanded and painted furniture, screwed in and unscrewed things, attempted to hammer and fix a couple of things, and done a bunch of shopping and hauling (all with enjoyable and supportive help). I'll be putting in the finishing touches tomorrow night after work and will finally be able to enjoy my hard work. I've had so much fun despite the busy-ness of it all and am actually ready to do more. On to the next room!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Take my junk, please

It's been a week of insprirations. Earlier this week, I decided that I wanted to hold a garage sale to get rid of a lot of the extra furniture we have around the house along with other random trinkets. I love going to garage sales myself, so having my first own garage sale was pretty exciting. I called the newspaper and put in the classified ad and started moving out junk immediately. On Saturday, people started showing up at the crack of dawn and the garage sale was a huge success. It was actually a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be and was amazed at how excited some people were to inherit my stuff. The saying, that one person's trash is another person's treasure, rang true this weekend. The house is now neater and ready to be re-done. Thanks for taking my junk...and for giving me money for it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I heart Digitalinet

I love you Digitalinet. You rule. I am so happy that I dumped my previous relationship for you. You treat me how a woman should be treated. I didn't even know how poorly I was being treated until you came into my life. Much thanks to our mutual friend Denny who introduced me to you. When the prior sucky relationship decided to leave me hanging high and dry yet one more time, it was the last straw. I wrote you a little email just to inquire about what you were about. I wasn't expecting you to write back to me for awhile, but 45 minutes later, yes, 45 minutes, you didn't just write me back, but you called me. Even then, I was still somewhat attached to the abusive relationship, but once I got the email that chewed me out, I knew you were the one for me. You even emailed me this morning just to see how things were going and how the dumping process was going. Thank you for setting things up so quickly without even a glitch. Thank you for writing to me personally to tell me things were all good and ready and thank you for giving me the username 'kimmy'. What more could a girl ask for? I love you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Inspired to Decorate

I have been inspired after watching all of the design shows on TLC. For the past year, my room has been a complete jumble of things from my previous apartment and the furniture that existed in my room prior to moving back into it. I was inspired this weekend to finally do something about it. I'm no longer in college, my room shouldn't look like a dorm room any longer. Last night I went out and bought everything I needed for the makeover including new bedding, candles, and other decorations. Tonight I am going to buy the paint for the walls and furniture, and tomorrow night I will begin sanding and painting. My total cost for the new room is $250. Thanks for the inspiration TLC!

Monday, September 20, 2004

In need of rest

In the next two months, I have:
4 weddings
2 bridal showers
2 road trips
1 dress fitting
1 anniversary
1 family reunion
...and a partridge in a pear tree
I am longing for a 'relax' weekend to do nothing but sleep and be a bum.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Under Pressure

It doesn't take much for a song to get stuck in my head. Every so often, I'll find myself subconsciously humming or singing to some random tune. This is cool to start with, but after having the same song stuck in my head for a day, it's not so fun. On the drive to the volleyball tournament this past weekend, my brother turned on some 'pump up' music to get the guys ready for the games. One of which was Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. Ahhh...I can't get the 'dun dun dun da da dun dun' out of my head. Darn earworms.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Gooo team!

Some good clean competition can be so much fun. My boyfriend, brother, and some friends played in a volleyball tournament this weekend. We all came wearing our personalized team jerseys sporting our names and favorite numbers. I've learned from previous events that I help my team more by staying off the court and cheering in the stands, so I wore my jersey and prepared my vocal chords for the day event. I screamed, hollered, and jumped up and down as I watched my team beat it out with the others. We made it to the finals and I can't wait until next weekend to cheer my heart out again.

Friday, September 10, 2004

So full

I picked my brother up from the airport today and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "I'm hungry." Why, hello to you too. Not two minutes into our drive back home, he announced that he wanted to go to a buffet. I have never seen anyone eat as much as this guy can eat. Once everyone has hit their max and are sprawled out on the couch, he is going for his fourths and fifths. If he doesn't eat every two hours, he starts to feel 'weak'. Since he and Bertrand are playing in a volleyball tournament tomorrow, we decide that a buffet isn't such a bad idea after all. We went to dinner at an all you can eat Asian seafood buffet. I literally had 3 plates full of lobster, crab, sushi, korean short ribs, and every other yummy entree. I'm so full, but my mouth and my tummy are thanking me.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ribs, Reno, and Relaxing

We went to Reno for the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off this weekend. Once we got there, we wandered the streets with the other thousands of rib lovers to enjoy the weather, people and of course the food. Although there were record high temperatures in the Bay Area, we were lucky enough to have absolutely warm comfortable weather in Reno. We stuffed ourselves with ribs, roasted corn-on-the-cob, funnel cakes, and a jugfull of fresh squeezed lemonade before wandering around and hitting the tables at our favorite casinos. At Circus Circus, Bertrand showed off his mad skills at darts and at getting a rubber chicken in a pot and won me a gigantic stuffed unicorn, a cow, and a pink stuffed dog. On our way home, we stopped in my old hood, Davis, for some yummy Thai food.

I love three day weekends, especially on Sundays when you realize that you get to relax one more day. I spent almost an entire day this weekend sleeping, lounging around, and watching movies and it felt great. Since today was Labor Day, I spent most of my day laboring at the mall shopping my heart out. I feel like I got so much done this weekend but at the same time absolutely nothing. When is my next three day weekend?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Go Giants!

San Francisco Giants
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There are many things in my life I haven't yet experienced, most of the things I don't even realize what I'm missing out on. Last night I went to my very first baseball game, the San Francisco Giants vs. The Colorado Rockies at SBC park. Steve and Tine took care of me and made sure to let me experience everything there is to experience about going to a baseball game. I learned what an inning was, saw a couple of home runs, and got to have some yummy garlic fries. Much fun was had and the Giants brought it home winning 9 to 5.