Sunday, May 04, 2003

100 Things about Kimbalina

Updated: January 24, 2006

1. I have a scar on my chin from when my brother knocked me off a stool when he was 1 and I was 3

2. My pinky nail fell off when I was 3 after my finger got slammed in a door

3. In most of my classes...I am 1 of 2-5 girls in a class of 70 plus (Since I'm not in school anymore, I'll give a new fact)

3. I fractured a rib from coughing.

4. I can hold 30 tapioca balls in my mouth at once

5. I once won an award and patch for the brownie who sold the most Girl Scout cookies in my county

6. When I was 16, I was the Weekend manager at Haagen-Dazs

7. During a 3 day straight-no-sleep road trip, I mistakenly washed my hair with hotel body lotion rather than conditioner.

8. I have never met anyone least I don't think so Since working for Google, I've met my share of famous people

9. When I left home for college, my pastor gave me a box of top ramen as a going away gift

10. I missed my good friend's wedding because I was in the hospital with pneumonia (I was the maid of honor)

11. I am not a fan of feet

12. My highest bowling score is a 157 194

13. My lowest bowling score is a 52

14. I am afraid of cats

15. In third grade, I got hit in the nose playing dodge ball and got a bloody nose

16. I got a 100% on my written driving exam

17. I know how to ballroom dance and danced the Rhumba and Ballero at my wedding

18. I am addicted to chocolate

19. I am ticklish

20. I wore braces for 3 months

21. My uncle attempted to teach me calculus when I was 5 years old

22. I once bought the board game Sorry at a garage sale for $3

23. I ran into a guy I knew from my high school in the elevator on the way up to the top of the Space Needle on a family vacation

24. When I was 6, I promised my grandma that I would come and live with her when I was 10 (because I didn't think that 10 would ever come)

25. In second grade, I got the overall highest score on my math quizzes in my class, so my teacher took me shopping for a teddy bear

26. I named that bear Alice

27. I learned to play the piano when I was 3 1/2

28. I couldn't reach the keys, and sat on top of two phonebooks

29. My second grade class had a class rabbit that we traded off taking home on the weekends between all of the students

30. When it was my turn to take care of the rabbit, I was so afraid of it, I never even came close to the cage (My dad took care of it)

31. I love to shop

32. I am studying to be a Computer Engineer I have a degree in Computer Engineering and am now a Software QA Engineer

33. I wear one contact

34. I have 5 alarm clocks that go off every morning...yet I still don't hear them

35. I studied french in high school

36. My french name is Arielle

37. I love to eat funnel cakes at the fair

38. I once edited an engineering magazine before they sent it to the publisher

39. My dad made me write a formal contract when I got my dog, promising that I would take care of him

40. I got my drivers license at 8am on my 16th birthday

41. I believe in true love

42. I love to snowboard

43. I have never skied

44. My friend and I got on the big screen at a concert twice

45. I have gotten splinters from hair before...and still have the scars to prove it

46. After taking a health class freshman year of college, I stopped drinking coffee everyday

47. When I was in 2nd grade, I missed my class field trip to Sea World because I had the chicken pox

48. I once worked with runway models checking their clothes and how they looked before they stepped onto the runway

49. I never liked to play with dolls

50. I have been to the Kennedy Space Center

51. I have mastered the art of sleeping with my head on my arm and pen in hand in class

52. When I was 12, I made my brother call me, "Older sister Kimmy" for a period of time, because I didn't think that he respected me

53. I have never gotten a speeding ticket

54. I can remember my 21st birthday...or most of it ;)

55. In second grade, I cried because a girl called me "stupid"

56. My first grade teacher slipped on a french fry on our way to the school library and broke her nose, while 30 six-year olds stood by crying

57. My first word was "Ma"

58. I appreciate polite people

59. I saw snow fall for the first time 3 years ago in 2000

60. When I was four, I swam the entire length of an olympic sized pool to show my grandma that I could do it

61. I once failed a midterm to talk to someone who told me that they were dying, and that their last dying wish was to talk to me. (he lied and wasn't dying)

62. My dream job would to be a personal shopper

63. If I could have three wishes, my first would be to wish for more wishes

64. I got an A+ in Photography I,II,and III in high school

65. My friend and I once painted another friend's toenails pink while he slept.

66. I have been scuba diving in a pool

67. I took a picture with my hand on a statue's butt at The Louvre Museum in France

68. My fourth grade class got an ice cream party thrown for us when our teacher was fired

69. I always sing in the shower

70. If I weren't an engineer, I would like to be a teacher

71. My brother and I used to walk along the edges of tennis courts and take home any tennis balls that we found

72. During a family reunion, all of my cousins and I raided our uncles cabinets and had a food sale in the backyard. We took the money that we made and bought slurpees at 7-11

73. If I don't concentrate while drinking out of a cup, my pinky always sticks out

74. I am not very good at golf, but I try

75. My hat fell in the water when I went too fast while jetskiing

76. I look a lot like my mom

77. I really don't want to study right now (Time for a new fact)
My husband and I met on our own. We later found out that my great-grandfather and his grandfather were best friends years ago.

78. I love extra spicy food

79. I was sore for two weeks after my first time snowboarding

80. I used to collect soda can tabs

81. I really like love Thai Iced Tea

82. I love looking through old pictures and albums

83. I really like to get "real" mail

84. My friend and I used to write long letters and mail them to each other...we lived down the street from each other

85. My friends bought me a Tamagotchi for fun on one of my birthdays

86. Sometimes I put a mirror up to my beta's fish bowl and watch it flare up and get ready to fight's really pretty Update: fishy died, but this is still a good memory

87. During senior cut day in high school, my friends and I went hiking and I fell in the river

88. I've played piano at Nordstrom's during Christmastime

89. I've never broken any bones, but I sprained my arm once in fourth grade playing Octopus Does a fracture count?

90. For fun, my friends and I used to poke a hole on the top of soda cans with a pen, cover the hole, shake the can, and then let it shoot into our mouths

91. My neighborhood used to have kickball tournaments where all of the kids and parents came out to play at night

92. My dog caught a bird in his mouth once and brought it home

93. I love to give and receive hugs

94. I've never really wished that I could fly

95. I love the smell of cinnamon

96. I usually drive about 75-80 mph on the freeway

97. When my friend called me in the morning on September 11th and told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, I told him that there was an alien at my front door,
and to let me go back to sleep.

98. I applied for my major in college not really knowing what I was getting into, nor much about computer or engineering.

99. I once told my professor that I had been to "Munich, Austria"

100. I like white and silver cars.