Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wait...which car?

I got a postcard in the mail this past weekend from my car's manufacturer saying that there was a part recalled. I called on Monday and made an appointment to have it checked out. This morning, instead of taking the shuttle into work, I drove so that I could drop it off in the morning. Once I arrived, they took my car away and took me into the service office. While the gentleman pulled up the car's information he talked with me and asked if I liked my car. I told him that I loved fact so much that I bought two of the exact same cars. A month after I bought the first one, my brother was driving it, got in an accident, and totalled it. So after that, I went out and bought the same exact car again. As I finish this story, the gentleman asked me to come around and look at his computer monitor. It turns out that their computer system said that the recall was already taken care of on my car. I was confused and pulled out the postcard I was sent. Turns out my first car was the one that was recalled...the totalled car that no longer exists!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Last night we kicked up our heels, put on our boots and headed to The Saddle Rack. We went country line dancing last night. It's always good to try something new.

So much fun!

Friday, April 22, 2005

It must be Friday

This morning I completely underestimated my time. I spent about twenty minutes petting and playing with my dog Toby. He was being especially cute and I delayed my departure to get to the shuttle stop. Once I was on the road to get there, I realized that I was really late and that I was a couple of minutes away but only had one minute before the shuttle was set to leave. I wasn't too excited at the idea of watching the bus drive away or having to drive in after it. That was when I started speeding down the road, saw the bus, and proceeded to cut off the bus and rush into the parking lot. As I jumped out of my car to run towards the bus, the crowd loading the bus stood and cheered for me. I made it!

I should be a Nascar driver.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Welcome B to the B

Look who just switched to Blogger! (Took long enough...)

The wha?

Today I learned what a three-point line on a basketball court is. We had a team bonding event throwing balls at each other and dodging them - dodgeball. We played on an indoor basketball court and throughout the game, the boundary lines would change according to the referee. At one point, the ref. said we could go all the way up to the three-point line. We all looked at each other not knowing which line he meant and continued running around as normal. He repeated himself and we were all like..."where's that?" CW, "C'mon, we're programmers..."

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Geeked out

I was sitting on my bed and heard some beeping last night. So I checked my phone...nada. Checked my Zire...nada. My laptop was plugged in and on my lap, so not there. So I got out of bed, picked up the other laptop (mac)....nada. Looked at my stereo, still no beep. Picked up my bag and scooped out the two additional cell phones I have in there and finally found the source.

How sad that I have that many gadgets/electronics that I can't figure out what is beeping at me.


I have always loved breakfast...the big hearty kind. Gimme the waffles, pancakes, omelettes, bacon, sausage, coffee...I want it all! Maybe I love it so much because it's not often that I get to have it, or maybe it's just the overall yumminess of it all. Since it is almost impossible for me to actually sit down in the mornings for a 'real' breakfast-breakfast, the next best thing is breakfast-for-lunch and sometimes even better, breakfast-for-dinner. Yum. My new goal for myself, to have breakfast-for-anything at least once a month.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I just want to sleep

So it's been a busy week. How is it already (almost) Friday? Where did my week go? For the past seven days I have been on 'go-go-go' mode. Last weekend, my cousin (maid-of-honor) called me up and told me that she had spontaneously rented a car and driven up to the bay area from SoCal to visit. After a little bit of plan shifting and bailing a party early, Bertrand and I headed back home to pick her up from the local Barnes & Nobles. We went out, caught up on things, teased each other, and had a good time. The rest of the weekend was packed and somewhat of a blur as was my week. I realized last night that I had not yet done my taxes...thank goodness for Daddy and TurboTax. This week I have finally gotten back into 'planning mode' for the upcoming wedding...only 5 months away! Within the first month of getting engaged, I was super planner and booked/planned most of the big things that I pretty much just stopped and took a break from planning these past couple of months. I am realizing now that since most of my weekends are booked from now until September, that I will need to delegate more and get more items checked off my to-do least the honeymoon is all planned! With all these things to think about, people to see, and places to go I just want to sleep, relax with friends, or read a book...maybe even get hooked on my new toy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Google SMS Rocks

I am in love with Google SMS. Anytime I need to find out a phone number or address for a business but am away from a computer, instead of calling someone for help or information, I just send a text message to Google SMS and get immediate results. One time, I was looking for a bridal shop with my mom, but once I got downtown couldn't find it. I sent a text message, "Bridal, 94043" and found the address for it.

Now, it is even better and has driving directions. You simply send a text message to Google with point A and point B.

I love it!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Remember when...

A couple of days ago, Nicole and I were hanging out and I was looking through some of the pictures she had stored on her computer. As I was doing this, she pulled out our old high school yearbook from our senior year and started looking through it. I was so intrigued, I sat down to join her and it was amazing how many memories came flooding back. We have been friends since middle school and despite the years, distance, and other factors, have remained friends this entire time and have grown even closer. We flipped to the back of her yearbook and found the entire color markered and stickered page I had taken up writing to her in her yearbook. I referred to countless 'inside jokes' that even as I read them could not put together. As I read it, I couldn't help but smiling not recognizing my own writing or the code language I wrote to her in. We sat there together laughing hysterically as we collectively recalled what each code word stood for. "Jeanman" was what we named our Junior year Economics teacher after he came into class wearing jeans and a matching denim shirt. I had a 'special voice' and impression that I almost perfectly replicated from one of our teachers. Our geometry teacher was an ex-military man and made us call out coordinates using the miltary alphabet. I can actually still remember most of this alphabet...alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo foxtrot... Our fake city that we created for another class was named "Sticker City"... Sitting there reminding each other of stories and events from over the years was both funny, nostalgic, and heart warming.

Friday, April 01, 2005

sneaky sneaky I was writing that last post, this pop-up comes up on my screen from one of my classmates, "You going to blog about us and the class?" I smiled and turned to hear a 'hehe'. He used his special powers to use the built in Windows messaging system to send me the message at um, what a convenient time!


I have been in a training course all week learning the advanced features of some pretty cool stuff. It's been awhile since I've been in a class environment again and although this time the class is with a bunch of working adults, some things about being in 'school' never change.

There is always the student who talks way too much and is always trying to trip up the instructor or prove them wrong. That person always sits at the very front of the class. There are the slackers who sit in the very back who get up and walk around just about every 5 minutes. In this particular class, I have started to give them special names. There are the three guys who sit to my left. One of them wears dark rimmed classes, drives a VW bug with a license plate frame that has four pink bunnies on it and says, "You suck...and that's sad!" The guy who sits in the middle strongly resembles the head security guy in my new favorite movie, 'Princess Diaries 2'. The third guy who sits directly to my left...I like to call him Burpmonster. Why? Because he seriously burps about every other minute and I don't think he realizes it. There is one girl who likes to get on the instructor's nerves and they sit there and go at it for a few minutes every couple of hours. The guy who sits behind me had some flatulence issues yesterday and wasn't very sneaky about it.

The instructor is a character in herself. I really like her. As mentioned previously she refers to pudding quite often. Today she came into class wearing a bright orange suit and keeps saying, "What can orange do FOR YOU???"

Ahhh...the joys of being back in school.

My fellow classmates know that I work on Blogger and one of them has actually asked me if I would blog about the class...if any of you have found!