Friday, October 31, 2003

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since my senior year of high school when I worked at Cost Plus imports and dressed up as a cat to entertain the little kiddies. Last night while working, Tine and I started talking about costumes and talking about how we should dress up. We originally wanted to be an old man and an old woman, but I didn't have any old woman clothes and Tine didn't have any old man clothes. It was also getting late and we wouldn't have had enough time to run around the thrift stores searching for the right clothes. Then I got the idea that I could be Little Bo Peep and she could be my sheep. Unfortunately, she wasn't too enthused about the idea of walking around with cotton all over her. Then...that was when the perfect idea came to use through a quick search on Google. A pair of dice! We started calling around and then made a run to Mail Boxes Etc. to buy some boxes. We got some huge white boxes (I wanted even bigger boxes, but I wouldn't have been able to walk), came back to the office and started tracing out the dots and coloring them in with our fatty black markers. This morning we cut out the holes for our heads and arms. I measured the head hole perfectly and even did a little test, but then when all the taping and cutting was done, the box wouldn't go over my head. I forgot that I had ears... After some special angling and wiggling, I got my head in. Our costumes were a huge last minute success. Why didn't we think of dressing up earlier? I don't know. I just hope nobody decides to roll us.

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 23, 2003

The English language amuses me. Pretty much, if you use a word enough, and enough people use it, it becomes an official word. I started thinking about this the other day when I realized that I'd never heard of the word, 'hoodie' before I came to Google. I have always known hoodies as hooded sweatshirts. I just assumed that it was a word that someone around here had made up. So out of curiousity, I looked it up and other people in the world use the word 'hoodie' too. Seems like some people can do that. Like when somebody says, "Hey I Googled it" or "That great! I can't wait to go and blog that". When I have a cold, I use a Kleenex, to blow my nose and not a tissue. After a shower, I clean my ears with Qtips and not a...what are they called...cotton swab?

Maybe one day, you'll be able to Kimbalina something or maybe Kimbalina can be a feeling. Wow...I feel really Kimbalina today.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I went to LA this weekend to see the UCLA vs. CAL game. It was my first "real" sports event that I have ever been to. The sun was scorching and was in the mid to high 90s. There was absolutely no shade in the bleachers of the Rose Bowl and we were all sweating like crazy. I nearly fainted a couple of times from heat stroke and missed a part of the game while trying to recover, but the rest of the game was very exciting. It's even more exciting to be in the middle of the screaming crowd and to watch the rivalry between my brother who goes to UCLA and my boyfriend, a CAL alumni. CAL came and tied the game in the very last 18 seconds of the game making the game go into overtime. UCLA ended up winning but CAL gave them a good run for their money. I think that I'm starting to actually understand the game of football now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I don't have any shoes.

Well...I have plenty of sandals, sneakers, and more than enough flip-flops, but I don't have any closed toed shoes. Now that it's starting to get cold, so are my feet. Last year, three pairs of my boots died at the same time. THREE. One day while trudging through the pouring rain on campus and heading to the bus, the heal broke off my favorite pair of brown boots. Limping and whimpering from my loss, I trudged home not sure whether the water flowing from my face was from the rain or from my tears. Not even a week later, the zipper on my pair of tall black boots broke and split open leading to another bout of limping around until I got home. Losing those two pairs was sad, but I still had one more pair of black shoes to get me through the rest of winter. I wore that pair nearly every day after that until the day I noticed something white on the toe of my foot. I bent down and quickly brushed at it and continued walking. Later on I noticed that that white thing was still there. I bent down once more and rubbed even harder...until I realized that I was rubbing my very own toe and looking at my sock!!! Unfortunately, the department stores did not notice that it was still raining outside and had already brought in their spring fashion clothes and my boots were no longer in stock. I wore my trusty Reefs from there on out waiting patiently for the next winter season to arrive....and it is here!

I'm going shoe shopping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Site Referrals

It's interesting to me how search engines work or how people stumble upon other sites. Like how I found Steve's site through the 'Fresh Blogs' list on Blogger or how I found Tony through a bunch of other blog's links. I was looking through my site referrals list and noticed that I have been found through the most random searches. Here are a few examples:
  • fake toenail
  • effects vicadin
  • rascal flatts lyrics
  • joe schmo cast pictures
  • naked pics shutterfly
  • bubb rubb whistles
  • wear sandles everyday
  • buying pantyhose

I got a few hits with the 'fake toenail' search along with 'wear sandles everyday'. Are there that many toenail-less people out there who wear sandles everyday?

Friday, October 10, 2003

I got my diploma in the mail last night. It had Gray Davis' signature on it. Just imagine, the next graduating class will have Arnold's.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

This morning on my way to work, while sitting in traffic I noticed a motorcycle zoom by the left side of my car. The guy on the motorcycle zoomed into the left lane and cut off a Toyota Camry. I held my breath when I saw how close this guy came to running into the Camry and even more so when this guy turns his body completely around only to flip off the driver of the Camry. This guy is an idiot. First of all, he was the one who cut the other person off, secondly, he was so into giving the other guy the finger that he didn't pay attention to the road ahead of him. He turned around just in time to gather himself and balance his bike in time to avoid slamming into the car in front of him. What a Schmo.

Speaking of Schmos, the other night while flipping through the channels, I stopped at the SPIKE channel, AKA: The first network for men. Hey, if there is a network for men, I want to see what shows are on it. I had flipped right in time for The Joe Schmo Show, The Reality T.V. show where nothing is real. The entire cast of the show are hired actors aside from one guy, Joe Schmo, who doesn't realize that nothing is real. There was so much drama and funny stunts, that were all an act and that everyone knew about except this one guy. Right before commercial breaks they would say, 'When will Joe Schmo realize that it's not real." It was the sadest and funniest thing I have ever seen.

Friday, October 03, 2003

On my drive home yesterday, I could barely see from the tears that were streaming down my face or from the gagging and coughing that I was doing. Before leaving the office yesterday, I grabbed a bag of chips for the long drive home. Luckily...I decided to grab a Snapple at the last minute too, just in case I got thirsty. So about half an hour into my drive, I started to get really really hungry, so I opened up the bag of chips. When I had grabbed these chips called, 'Death Rain', I went for the black bag that was labeled 'XXX HOT HABANERO'. XXX Habanero Shmabanero...I am a big fan of spicy food. Really...nothing is every spicy enough. I had had this brand of chips before and they had a little kick in them, but nothing that I couldn't handle. My stomach started growling like crazy, and I started munching on the chips. At first my nose started to itch, and then my throat started closing up. Next thing you know, I'm crying and saying "Ahhhhh" out loud to myself. But hey, I was really really hungry, so I continued to eat. I cried as I ate, and every time that I opened my mouth and took a breath, I would cough again from the remaining chili powder caught in my throat. Even though I was suffering and gasping for air, I was somewhat happy. I have finally found something spicy enough to bowl me over.

But I hear that I am not the only one who ate spicy food yesterday...his was probably worse.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Woah....this is trippy. I'm getting a headache from looking at it!