Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I've been having such a hard time falling asleep lately. I'm not really sure why it is. Usually when something is bothering me or on my mind, I can't fall asleep. No matter how tired I may be, I will lie awake all night just staring at the ceiling and think. The weird thing is that I don't think that that is the reason for my insomnia lately. Although I am pretty stressed with my classes and projects that still remain unfinished, I wouldn't really say that I am at the end of my rope. I think that I've learned to handle stress better these past few months than I ever have before. I guess I've realized that a lot of times things are out of our control, and that things always work out for the better even though it might not seem like it at the time. I would say that overall, I am very happy right now and with how things are going. There isn't really anything that is making me sad nor angry. I remember complaining a few weeks ago about how I would sleep a good amount (6-7 hours) a night and yet, would wake up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. No matter how much I slept, I felt like I had only slept for about 5 minutes. These days, I can't fall asleep and stay up really late and yet, I am not as tired as I was before. I still have a hard time waking up in the morning though. :) Physically, my body is not as tired as before, but my mind is exhausted. Maybe there is something that is bothering me subconsciously that I don't even know about or haven't yet realized. Actually, I'm starting to think that maybe it's not because of one specific thing, but more the fact that I have so many things going on at once and that I am always thinking about them in the back of my mind. So even though my body is asleep, my mind is still working away. Who knows...all I know is that I'd like to have a good night's rest for both my mind and my body.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I think too much. I really enjoy just sitting around and having my mind wander and be filled with random thoughts. I am definetly a people person and enjoy being around others, but I also value my alone time. Sometimes it's so nice to just be able to sit and think. I can entertain myself for hours, just recalling old memories or playing back events that have happened to me. Sometimes in class, I will bust out laughing for no apparent reason, only because I will think of a funny moment to keep myself awake. Poor poor people around me....heehee....The bad part about these random outbursts, is that once I start laughing about something funny...I will think of other funny moments, and it never ends. :) At the end of the day, when I am lying in bed, I think about conversations that I've had with people or events that happened throughout the day. In my mind, it's more like watching a movie. I kind of rewind, and then playback the day and 'watch' as things unwind. Sometimes when I want to dream about something, before I go to bed I think about it a lot and try to daydream about it so that maybe...just maybe...when I fall asleep I will dream of it. I think that all of my thinking and daydreaming is a result of my brain needing an outlet from all of the problem solving and technical thinking that school and work bring.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Top 10 things I want to do before I graduate:

1 Take a nap lying on the grass at the UC Davis Arboretum
2 Have an unforgettable "last" spring break
3 Buy kettle corn at the Farmer's Market
4 Build stronger relationships with my friends and my boyfriend
5 Be able to hold 30 tapioca balls in my mouth
6 Stay up all night playing board games and cards
7 Do something completely crazy and spontaneous
8 Go snowboarding and be able to go all the way down an intermediate slope without falling even once
9 Have a makeover day and play with makeup that I would never really wear
10. Be able to drive a stick-shift in places other than a parking lot

Friday, January 17, 2003

Googlism for Kimmy

kimmy is born march 15
kimmy is for sale
kimmy is the only minikelpie in
kimmy is checking out her own webpage
kimmy is undecided
kimmy is the daughter of rich man but michael is only a sports writer and travelling all the year around
kimmy is about to wrap up a stellar four
kimmy is the most convincingly humanoid robot that money can buy
kimmy is twenty years old
kimmy is doing
kimmy is most definitely a pink ranger
kimmy is grown up
kimmy is priceless; she despises this woman for being so cute and nice
kimmy is now in the company of strangers at some foster home
kimmy is 15 years old and lives in port coquitlam
kimmy is now pregnant
kimmy is how my husband
kimmy is proving invaluable to our breeding program
kimmy is taken to stay with her chippewa grandmother while her parents find a new place to live
kimmy is a young woman excited over pretty much anything
kimmy is young
kimmy is currently in training and her specialty is tracking
kimmy is now back and working for biker's discount supply as the vp of marketing and sales
kimmy is such an addle
kimmy is too dippy
kimmy is a lovely girl
kimmy is out fighting crime
kimmy is available for modeling shoots in
kimmy is like a male version of tommy and is a very nice rugrat
kimmy is tricking her to sing at michael's favorite karoake bar
kimmy is basicly the pivot point for the story
kimmy is perfect in every way
kimmy is upset that ally humiliated her in front of her pearl
kimmy is painfully immature
kimmy is to spend a week with her chippewa grandmother while her parents look for a new home in chicago
kimmy is sitting on the toilet
kimmy is befuddled by this development and says she needs time to think
kimmy is the tanner's next door neighbor
kimmy is sweet
kimmy is leaving college so she can be with michael
kimmy is scheduled to have their first child together
kimmy is one sweet girl
kimmy is such a drama queen she wouldn't settle for anything less than
kimmy is the best
kimmy is in heaven with the angels
kimmy is a pig tail and plaid wearing asian girl who isn't very happy to see her ex
kimmy is what we called her
kimmy is wearing an classic purple/black corset and black high heels
kimmy is like so clever lol she's like never at a loss for words and i always love hearing what she has to say
kimmy is pursuing a phd in music theory
kimmy is kinda quiet but andy laughs out loud already
kimmy is saying how she feels and why she feels that way
kimmy is an inspiration
kimmy is trying to size up and understand this woman who has
kimmy is much more clever than her perky college sophomore exterior suggests
kimmy is watching them
kimmy is a genuinely nice person who is madly in love with michael
kimmy is real and kiefer is playing a fictional cop
kimmy is 6 years old
kimmy is 16
kimmy is een merrie van 7 jaar en erg lief van karakter
kimmy is the head cheerleader
kimmy is the mother to the three most wonderful girls i have ever met
kimmy is a hard working
kimmy is a 3rd grader at school #43
kimmy is gonna lick your butt
kimmy is staying with her grandmother while her parents hunt for a home in chicago where dad has a new job
kimmy is a catcher
kimmy is there
kimmy is unsure
kimmy is awesome a devotion to kimmy
kimmy is in charge of finding all the general information about your vacation spot
kimmy is a he
kimmy is a psychic who has come to a mansion to help detective rafe find out what happened to a missing girl
kimmy is her grandma's only chance at of having a grandchild and my sister's only chance at raising a child
kimmy is the coolest
kimmy is a lazy ass loser with no ambition
kimmy is very versatile
kimmy is as well
kimmy is ja schon wieder weg
kimmy is superior to her
kimmy is like me and my friends
kimmy is an elementary education major and is the daughter of robert and nancy melinauskas of orland park
kimmy is a member of the tiffany club in waltham
kimmy is suing a matchmaking company that rejected her because she was "unmatchable
kimmy is a de
kimmy is then go
kimmy is "toast" once she puts her scheming plans in motion to break off the
kimmy is a textured dress slide with a leather upper and a medium high heel
kimmy is a mix between siamese

Try It!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Games = Fun!

I have this new obsession over games....board games....card games....They are just so much fun! Games bring people together to enjoy each other's company, enjoy a little competition, and a lot of laughs. The obsession over games seems to have caught on not only with me, but many others. =) My roommates and I get together for a competitive game of NERTS on occasion, staying up late and laughing together. And who could have forgotten the night that we played Pictionary and Sharene and I lost by 1 point to Alden and Dan's "White Men Can't Jump." I have a group of friends who are obsessed, and when I say obsessed, I really do mean obsessed over Scrabble. They play night and day, practicing and thinking of new words for the next time that they play. After Christmas, I went to a Conference where games were also a big hit during free time. I learned so many new card games, played Guesstures, Spoons, Thirteen, but my most favorite game of all....Taboo. Taboo is seriously the best game ever...and so much fun! The point of the game is to have your teammates guess the word that is on your card without saying the word itself, or several other key words that are listed on the card. This past weekend, I went to a dinner where afterwards we played Taboo. Not just any Taboo....ELECTRONIC TABOO!!! I've always loved Taboo....but electronic Taboo??? How much better can things get? =) No cards to get in the fighting over points because it keeps track electronically...and there is music playing to make it even more nerveracking. In order to win a game like that, you need to have a really good team. I had the best partner ever! We could practically read each other's minds and ruled the game. Ohhhh yeah.... ;). So yes....I have found a new obsession and hobby to put my time into. =)