Monday, September 24, 2007

love stoned

Just got back from Justin Timberlake's Future Love Sex Show. Awesome. What a great show this talented guy can put on! I along with 10,000 other screaming girls got to enjoy his singing, dancing, and overall talent. Even Timbaland was there to do his thing alongside JT. Too bad Good Charlotte didn't open up, but it was still a great show.

What a cutie!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

International Translation Tee

I need this for my next trip.

Because I am usually traveling with someone (Bertrand) who knows many languages, I am fine getting by as the silent follower when needing help, directions, or (my most used one) finding a bathroom. I just stand silently on the side while he does his thing.

But now...with this shirt? I can start participating and pointing. That, I can do!

Sunday, September 16, 2007



Cancun was great. Despite hurricane season, we amazingly had a really great week of warm sunny weather. After we finally received our lost luggage a couple days after arriving, we were able to relax and settle into our vacation. It was a lot harder for me to relax than I had imagined! I'm so used to being "go go go" all the time, that doing nothing and having nothing to do was actually really hard in the beginning. But I got used to it....and enjoyed being disconnected from the rest of the world for a little bit, actually finishing a book, and doing some brain teaser puzzles.

Isla Mujeres

In between doing nothing, swimming, laying out by the pool, and reading, we were able to squeeze in some pretty fantastic activities. While Bertrand spent a day golfing, I got to relax and be spoiled at the spa. We also spent a day at the island, Isla Mujeres, where we took a golf cart around the island, relaxed on the beach, and found a conk shell. One of the most memorable activities was when we took a jungle tour by jet ski. We rode the jet skis through the lagoon out to the ocean. Once we reached a specific area, we all jumped off and swam in the ocean where we snorkeled and looked at the fish in the coral reef. It was AMAZING!


We also got to go parasailing together! When asked if we wanted to get wet and saying yes, I had no idea what I was in for when they bounced us off the water! Talk about getting soaked.

Chichen Itza

Before heading home, we visited the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza which was declared one of the new 7 wonders of the world. It was beautiful. It was also extremely hot and humid.


We also celebrated two years of marriage!

I loved our vacation in Cancun, but it's great to be home again.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome to the family, new nano

Yes, I bought another iPod.

Yes, up until this point, I and my husband owned every current model of the iPod.

Yes, I am a sucker for Apple products.

While I got the new nano, Bertrand bought the iPhone.

I am too happy and attached to my blackberry pearl to be ready for the iPhone. Plus, the kicker for me....buttons. I need buttons. I need to be able to feel what I'm doing when I'm typing/dialing/browsing. I am the master of multi-tasking so am usually dialing/texting while doing something else, so the fact that I'd actually have to look and be very careful to type using the iPhone doesn't work for me. Hear that Apple? Can I have some buttons?

I played with the iPod touch which was very cool, but didn't seem too different from the iPhone except sans phone feature, plus I am a fan of small cute things. So despite just getting a shuffle a couple of months ago, I can find more room in my heart and life for this new iPod baby.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back at it

I'm back at work today...

It's good and bad being back at work on a Friday. Bad cause, well I'm still in vacation mode, and it's a Friday. I have so much to catch up on I don't even know where to start!

It's good being back at work on a Friday, well, because it's Friday and I have the weekend to look forward to. Then I can slowly ease back into work mode.

I had a hard time getting to complete "relax" mode and now I'm having a hard time getting out of it! haha. Must mean that it was a good vacation. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hola Amigos!

It has been one fun and for a change...very relaxing week here in Cancun. We were very blessed by good weather (despite it being hurricane season) and no crowds (again for the same reason).

Now we're on our 2 day trek home, a little more tanned and with a little more skip in our step (oh and with another anniversary under our belts). We'll make a stop in LAX, quick visit with my brother, and then back home to my nice comfy bed and my cute doggies.

Bye bye Cancun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Let's Go Oakland, Let's Go

Oakland A's vs. Detroit Tigers

A's fans

Oakland A's vs. Detroit Tigers

I went to my very first Oakland A's game on Saturday. First? Yeah...I know. I've lived in the east bay nearly my whole life and have never been to an A's game. Oh well, better late than never right?

My good friend Jen got us tickets to go and spend the nice hot Saturday afternoon basking (melting) in the sun, eating awesome ballpark food, and watching some good ole' baseball.

Despite the A's losing to the Detroit Tigers, we had a good time. Maybe I can get into this baseball thing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

FREEZE! It's Labor Day!

This morning, around 3am a house alarm went off and our dogs woke up and started barking like crazy. We woke up also and laid there listening to it until it finally went off. The dogs settled down and we fell back asleep. Some time later, the alarm went off again and the commotion continued again with the dogs. In my half asleep state, I said it was probably good that the dogs were barking because if someone was getting robbed near us, all the barking should keep them away from us, and then fell back asleep.

It was the worst night of sleep ever, because for the next couple of hours, we were intermittently awakened by the sound of the alarm. We looked out our windows and saw lights on in various neighbor's houses on our street and the street behind us. Nobody seemed to be getting good sleep this holiday. Amidst all this horrible sleep, I started thinking....what if one of our neighbor's got robbed? It IS a holiday weekend and a lot of people are out of town....

So I got out of bed, and groggily looked up the number for the police department and called it in asking them to come check it out and make sure that everything was okay and nobody had gotten burglarized. Ten minutes later, a patrol car cruised into our court. The officer got out and stood outside when of course...the alarm wasn't going off. He knocked on our door and talked to us and said he couldn't do anything if he couldn't hear the alarm. We thanked him for coming out and as he got into the car to drive away, tadaaa! the alarm went off. He pulled in front of our neighbor's house and got out and started walking around the house. Suddenly, he called for backup and another patrol car showed up and then another. Two of the men went into our neighbor's backyard and disappeared for awhile. I was thinking, "Oh my goodness! Did they get robbed? We just saw them yesterday! I should have called sooner...what if something happened to them?" A few minutes later, we saw the neighbors come out with the cops and then the cops flashing their lights on the teenage boy's car across the way. Suddenly they went into the next neighbor's house.

Then we realize that it wasn't a house alarm going off, it was the car's alarm! But none of the lights were flashing on the car. One of the cops leaned up against the car and then finally the lights started flashing. Turns out that the neighbor across the way sleeps in the back of the house and couldn't hear the alarm, her son was out of town and took the dog with him, so she wasn't aware of anything happening.

As for the other neighbors, the cops didn't just go into their backyard...they went into their house! They had left the doors unlocked and the side garage door open, so the police officers thought that it could have possibly been opened by an intruder. They went all the way into the house and upstairs where the owner had fallen asleep working with his laptop on his lap. He was awakened by the police officers yelling, "FREEZE! Police! Put your hands up!" His wife ran out hearing all the commotion, realized she was in her underwear, and ran back in.

What an adventurous Labor Day! And all before 6am!