Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Long holiday weekend

No more picture taking please...

I love long holiday weekends. I love when you feel like you've had a long fullfilling weekend and realize that it has barely begun and you still have two days left. What an awesome feeling!

This weekend was one of the first weekends in awhile where I felt like I got so much done and yet still had time to relax. Wednesday night, I had a nice romantic meal of hamburgers and fries with my husband and then caught the movie Happy Feet. The voices of the little baby penguins were SO darn cute I had to fight the urge to want to squeeze someone's cheeks.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful long family filled day of food, food, and more food. We woke up to have food with one side of the family and then ended the night eating with the other side. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. So much to be thankful for...

The next morning...black Friday, I woke up at the crack of dawn and joined the millions of other crazy americans and started shopping at 5am. We hit nearly every store that we wanted to, and finished, yes...finished, our Christmas shopping for the year by 10:30am. After a refreshing lunch with friends at The Cheesecake Factory, we went home to crash and to wrap presents.

The next couple of days were a blur of organizing around the house, wrapping gifts, visiting with friends, and relaxing.

The long weekend ended with me plopping into bed with a book feeling exhausted, blessed, and happy....

Toby was tired too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Camera karma

I am so so very sad.

I am truly not meant to have a camera over a year. It is so sad. But true. For the past several years, without fail, when the one year mark of owning a certain camera rolls around, I somehow manage to drop and then kill the camera. The first year...I thought it was an accident. The second year...it started to get frustrating and became a joke that I should give my camera away after owning it for about a year. This year...it is no longer funny.

We were in the middle of taking pictures for our Christmas card when I put my camera on top of a stack of stuff for the self timer when it dropped. So now I have no camera and no Christmas card.
For Christmas, I am going to ask for a tripod...and a camera.

How is that even possible? Seriously.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Generation gap?

After work today, I went to the store to run a couple of quick errands. While looking at Christmas cards in the holiday section, a girl walked up to the lady next to me and exclaimed, "MOM! Did you see that tree??? It's sick!" Her mom turned around and said, "The black and white one?" And again, the girl shouted, "Sick!! What a sick tree!"

It took me a couple of seconds to process this and had to turn around to see the tree myself to see if it was sick as in...cool....or sick as in ill looking. The tree looked pretty cool to me.

Does that make me sound really old...?

And I thought I was still young and hip! ;)

games, shopping, friends & family = happy kimmy

fun fun fun

That was how my weekend was. From friday afternoon til' sunday evening...my weekend was jam packed with fun, friends, shopping, and relaxing. The ultimate weekend.

The On friday night, a group of our close friends came over for a night of friendly competition. We started off with some food and drinks and then jumped into a game of Catchphrase to get everyone in the "game mood". Then...we split into two teams and started a nightlong game...yes...it lasted forever...game of Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture.

Normally we can't answer any Trivial Pursuit questions, but DVD Pop Culture? That was more do-able.

Unfortunately, Trivial Pursuit is a game of not just knowledge but chance. My team filled up our pie from all the various categories, but could not roll the dice on the exact number of spots we needed to win....and somehow, despite answering all the right questions...lost. What? Me? Bitter. NO..... =)

Saturday morning, my mom, cousin, and I headed to Berkeley and Emeryville for a major shopping spree. Leaving with a shopping bag full of stuff for pocketchange made me feel incredibly happy, proud, and accomplished.

Sharks vs. FlyersThen...after a scrumptious dinner with friends....we headed to the Shark Tank to see the San Jose Sharks beat the pants off of the Flyers for a 6-1 win. The whole arena was so involved in the game, cheering and screaming for the Sharks. What fun!

I ended the weekend being comfortable at home, catching up on TiVo, and folding laundry.

I love fun productive weekends.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Star light, star bright

I saw my very first shooting star tonight....actually I saw a couple as part of the Leonid meteor shower. We drove outside of the lights of civilzation and stood outside under the stars.

Absolutely amazing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrating early

Decorating the treeWe are going to be traveling internationally over the holidays and will be missing Christmas and New Year's home with our friends and family this year. I'll be celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong and New Year's in Vietnam. That's right...Bertrand and I are going to be doing a mini tour of Asia. I'm super excited for my first trip to Asia but a part of me is also sad that I'll be missing my favorite time of year here back home.

So...since I won't be here to celebrate on Christmas....I am determined to celebrate early!

Earlier this week, we put up our tree and decorated it. I put the garland on the stairs and have all the lights and candles lit. And the Christmas music is playing loudly.

Happy (early) Holidays to me!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jingle all the way

Now that we are in November...time to pull out the Christmas music!

Really...who am I kidding? I've been listening to Christmas music since July....

Rounding up

A conversation with Bertrand about getting some cookies...
Bertrand: I'm going to be in San Francisco tomorrow. Do you want me to pick you up a cookie from Specialty's?

Me: Ooohhh. Yummy! Yes! Can you get me two please? Actually, one extra for Mom too.

Bertrand: So three?

Me: Yeah, three is good.

Bertrand: Oh okay, I'll just get a dozen then.

How on earth do you go from getting three cookies to...."oh okay, i'll just get a dozen then"?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Running on fumes

I've never actually run my car down to the point where the gas tank was completely empty. This weekend, I came pretty darn close. We went down to Southern California for a family get together and on the way home, were close enough to home that I wanted to fill up the tank once we made the exit from the freeway. There is a setting for the car that shows the range and about how many miles you have left in the tank and I watched this setting intensely as we neared closer to home. The mileage started going down and just as we got off the freeway, the range turned from showing numbers to a picture of the car needing to get filled up. How cute is that? I bet those car designers put that feature in just for me because they knew it would just tickle me to death.