Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Gender Supremacy

This weekend I went to get some copies of one of my keys. The man who helped me looked at my key and said, "Oh, this must be a 78" and pulled out a gigantic key and started making a copy of the key. Once he finished, he handed back the original and the copies. I started walking away and then put the two keys on top of each other. My original key was a small key with a round head...the key that the man gave me was a humongous square headed key. The key he gave me was almost 1/3 longer than the key I gave him. I immediately turned around and showed the man the difference in the two keys. Rather than matching up the entire key, he matched up the part where he had cut the pattern and looked a little confused. "This key is longer than my key", I said. So the man turned around and said, "Oh okay, it must be a 76 then" and made me another key...still square headed but this time the same length as my key but with different grooves in it. I really wonder what this man's thought process was that would make him choose a '78 or a 76' rather than just find a key that looked like the original. At this point, Bertrand thought we should just leave and come back another day since this guy was obviously incompetent.

We went back last night and there was a lady at the counter. We told her the situation with the wrong keys and she rolled her eyes, "This doesn't even look like the original." Within minutes, I had the right copies of my key with keys that actually looked alike. I think the lady put it best when she said, "Never let a man do a job a woman can do better."

Monday, June 28, 2004

I won! I won!

I never win anything. I've entered so many drawings for some things that I really wanted but sadly...I never win. I just got a phone call that I actually won a drawing! I entered a drawing for a makeover and some products from Mary Kay at a Health Fair we had here at work. I'm so happy right now that I actually won something regardless of what it is. The lady is going to come out to work next week to give me and a friend a summer makeover and to drop off my eye-shadow prizes. Yippee!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Sun, Sand, and Screams

Being the true Californians that we are, a bunch of us went to the Santa Cruz beach yesterday to enjoy the absolutely perfect weather. The sun was shining, the ocean was gleaming, and the people were screaming (on the rollercoasters). We had a blast going on all the rides and screaming our heads off and then trying to kill each other on the bumper cars. We also attempted to "play" volleyball and I managed to bruise my arms when I hit the ball the whole four times that I did manage to hit it. I am definetly not a 'sports' type of girl and think I am just better off cheerleading on the sidelines. Courtesy of the free airbrush artist hired for our party, we all got tatooed and attempted to make the ugliest faces during the process. I had a blast yesterday and am now suffering the exhaustion of it all...wait, the weekend just started?

Friday, June 18, 2004

Advantages of working from home

I can sing my heart out and and break out into dance whenever I feel like it without having to worry about any stares from my co-workers.

The food and company are missed though.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Counting Steps

My entire life I have done things a little different than others without realizing it. Things that I thought were 'normal' and that everyone did, I have recently found out are not that normal. The other night, the lights in my parents' house were turned off during the remodel of some of the rooms. Since the hallways were dark, I ran up the stairs to put something away in my room and saw my mom walking very slowly up the stairs. I was like, "Come on Mom, there are 14 steps, just count them." She was surprised that I knew the number of steps to get to the second floor and after knowing the number, also went up the stairs quickly. I know the number of steps it is to get upstairs, the number of steps from my bedroom to the bathroom, and from the stairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I guess since I was a little kid, I've always counted things. This has made navigating through the house in the dark faster and less scary for me. I'm surprised that nobody else in my family or the friends that I've asked, know the number of steps it is from one room to the other. This random number counting has especially helped me since getting my new pair of glasses which initially made me very dizzy and which threw my depth perception off a little bit. If there is blackout, just ask me how many steps there are to get where you need to go, it's just one step at a time.

Monday, June 14, 2004


Last night, we had a random craving for In-N-Out so me and Bertrand decided we'd go pick some up for dinner. Right before entering the parking lot, we started wondering if it would be cheaper to buy the burgers and fries seperately or to order the value meals. Since neither of us go to In-N-Out often enough to know their prices, it was a bit harder for us to figure out the whole deal calculation beforehand. Peeking inside as we drove by, I noticed a line to order food and also noticed the nice empty drive-thru. Bertrand wanted to go inside since he didn't want to be rushed into making the order but I was too lazy to actually get out of the car and suggested that we pull alongside the drive-thru. We pulled up along the outside of the clearly marked lane, rolled down the window and looked across the lane to see the prices. Once we'd figured out what we wanted, we backed up and pulled up into the proper lane. Since it was a gorgeous day out, there were plenty of people eating at the tables outside of the restaurant which also meant plenty of people seeing us two retards pull up alongside the drive-thru to 'order', roll down our windows, then realizing our mistake, back up into the real lane. As soon as I realized what these people looking at us were thinking, I completely lost it and couldn't stop laughing, which probably confirmed to them our mistake. Honestly...we knew what we were doing.

Friday, June 11, 2004


I finally got myself motivated enough to go to the gym for the first time in a long time yesterday. I worked hard on my non-athletic body and felt pretty proud of myself when I woke up this morning feeling a little sore. It's the good kind of sore where you feel like something is actually working. As a result, I celebrated with Krispy Kreme this morning and Coconut Creme Pie for dessert. Yum.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Goodbye, so long, farewell

My dear fishy died sometime this weekend and Bertrand found his body this evening. I came downstairs and Bertrand said, "Kimmy, I have some bad news..." Fishy has been my friend for the past 2 years living in a bowl on my desk. He was always there to welcome me home from school and work and always there to keep me company while I studied. He flared up when I held a mirror to the bowl to show his pretty fins. He was a good fishy.

Give and take

My friends had their traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony this past Saturday. It was a big ordeal with plenty of people, food, and music. It was sweet seeing a couple, especially two friends, so in love. After the ceremony and during the reception, the groom-to-be got up on stage to sing a song to his new fiance. In the middle of singing his song, amongst the cheers of the rest of us, he decided to show off and started spinning his microphone. The end of the microphone went flying across the room while he stood there embarrassed and holding the cord. He climbed down, picked up the microphone, plugged it back in and continued singing to her as if nothing had happened only hoping to please her. Although it took awhile for the crowd to stop laughing, it was still very sweet that he was willing to put himself out there and even embarrass himself for her.

At church yesterday, one of the pastors told a story about how before getting married to his wife, he had some concerns about how he felt that he might be losing some of the love that he shared with his parents in speaking Chinese with them after he married his girlfriend. Since his girlfriend was Caucasion and he was Chinese, he figured that would be the thing that would make or break their relationship. When he told her this, he said that her face lit up and she said, 'Oh, that's not a problem, I'll just learn Chinese!' Learn Chinese? He said for the next couple of years she took classes and practiced hard so that now, when they are with his family, they can still speak primarily Chinese, which to that family is their 'love language'.

Love is pretty cool.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm falling apart

My body is failing on me piece by piece. I shouldn't even be typing right now since I decided earlier this week that I wouldn't use the computer at night since I use it all day long. My wrists have been hurting me and my back has also been acting up on me. I came home for dinner tonight with my visiting aunt, uncles, and cousin and one of my uncles generously gave me an accupressure massage. Ahhh, all I need now is a hot cup of tea and my cozy bed to rest my weary body.