Monday, February 20, 2012 i love thee

I'm kind of obsessed with pinterest these days. So many great ideas and so many I've actually used and done.

I've done a few fun art projects with the kids, made some adorable Valentines, made some yummy cookies, but one of the pins I tried last night has got to be my favorite thus far.

Cleaning those grody burner drip pans on the stove.  Ours are black and if you just kind of looked at our stove, they look "clean" because I religiously scrub them.  However, if you take off the grates and really take a look, they're disgusting.  All that stuff that burns up and gets caked on there when your pot boils over. Ick.

So I tried the tips I found from a pin, and oh em gee. Amazing!



I had to disassemble the stove burner pans with a simple butter knife and screwdriver, tossed them in ziploc bags with a splash of ammonia, left them overnight, then before work washed them off and tadaa!!!