Thursday, May 31, 2007

Package forwarder

This morning, I got a phone call at my desk.
Guy: Hello! This is blah blah from Shipping and Receiving. Are you Miss Kimmy?
Me: Um...yes, I'm Kimmy (from now on, please call me Miss Kimmy)
Guy: Do you know Jason Goldman?
Me: Yes, I know him.
Guy: Do you know where we could find him? I have a package here for him.
Me: Actually, Jason doesn't work here anymore.
Guy: Do you have a forwarding address or can you get ahold of him?
Me: Hm...yeah, can you hang on a few minutes? I'll find him online.

IM to Jason

Me: hey. so shipping and receiving called me and have packages for you. what's your new forwarding address? i have no idea why they called me!

Jason: woah. weird.
So random. Of all people, why did they call me and assume I'd know where Jason is? I must have signed for a ton of packages for him over the years...or something.

From here forward, all former coworkers, please have your mail sent to me. I'll find out where you are and pass them on. Thanks.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flag Waver

In honor of Memorial Day tomorrow, I went out and got a flag today. It is gigantic. 3 feet x 5 feet. Basically, my size. I put the flag on the pole and headed outside to hang it up on the house for tomorrow. When I went outside, there were some people in a car in front of our house talking to one of our neighbors. I tromped past them across the driveway, with my gigantic flag waving in the wind, over to the mount and attempted to put it into the holder, which with my luck, was much higher than I could reach. So I with gigantic flag waving in the air, walked back across the driveway into the house. I called out to Bertrand that I couldn't reach and needed him to do it. He said, "Okay, I'm in the middle of something and there are people out there. I'll do it in a second." I told him for the sake of my dignity, he needed to go outside and put the flag up so those people didn't think I just tromped outside waving a flag to them and then walked back in. After a couple minutes of laughing, whining, and prodding, Bertrand finally went outside with the flag...just as the people left.

Oh well. I guess I'm the crazy flag girl this year.

Stretchy stuff

We've been spending our holiday weekend getting settled in our new house. Our goal is to get as many (if not all) of the boxes unpacked this weekend. When we first moved into this house, we were thinking we wouldn't be able to fill it right off the bat with just the stuff we had. But somehow our stuff has stretched. For example, we used to have a little tiny hallway closet where we stored all of our coat and winter jackets. They all fit in there comfortably. Now, we have a much more spacious hallway closet where there is a lot more storage space, yet the same jackets now fill this closet entirely. How is that possible?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby Toby!

I was going through a bunch of pictures I had on my hard drive and found a couple pictures of Toby when he was a puppy (1996)! BabyTo!

Toby towel

Toby the puppy

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Settling in

First night in the new house

It has been one crazy weekend! We officially moved into our house on friday...and it took...all day to get all of our stuff here. But now, everything is finally here. We spent our first night in our new house eating Chinese take-out straight out of the containers since we couldn't find any of our dishes in the flood of boxes. We have been incredibly productive over the past few days and have attempted to clean, unpack and move as many things as we possibly could. The boxes are starting to look a little less like the Great Wall of China. We are happy, sore, and very exhausted.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Move day!

This was our last morning waking up in this house.

Pretty much, almost everything we have been doing since last night I have pointed out is our "last time". Before we went to bed I said, "Good night. This is our last night sleeping here." We woke up, and I said, "This is the last time we wake up in this room." We turned off the TV last night and I said, "This is the last time we watch TV in this house." After Bertrand's shower this morning I said, "This is the last time we'll be cleaning this shower." Trust me. The morning has just begun and the movers arrive in half an hour. I'm sure I'll find out more to point out. haha. Poor Bertrand.

It's bittersweet. I'm sad and nostalgic about all the memories and events we've had in this house, but really, memories you always take with you. I'm so excited for all the things we are moving towards.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shaky waky

I have been drinking "halfcaf" and decaf coffee lately to ease myself off of the caffeine. Things have been going well and I haven't really even noticed any difference. This morning I took the later shuttle into work and on the way to the shuttle stop, stopped at Peet's coffee and thought...what the heck...and got a regular coffee.

Oh my goodness.

My heart is going nuts and my hands are shaking. Guess I was more used to not having caffeine than I thought!

House cleaning partner

Cleaning SeminarYou know who your real friends are when they are willing to scrub toilets with you.

As we are cleaning a bathroom that belonged to a teenage boy previously, Jen: "Man...I am digging deep for you here."

House cleaning seminar was a success!

Thanks Jen!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keep your cool

Last night I took Max to puppy preschool. On the way into the lot, I spotted a car backing out of a spot right in front of the store. So I waited for the spot. As I pulled forward into the spot, a car came zooming into the lot, running through the stop sign and pulling right into the spot I was going for. It all happened so fast, there was luckily an empty spot next to it, so I swerved into that spot. Not only did the lady driving the car cut me off and cause me to swerve, once it was over, she looked over at me and gave ME a dirty look.

Excuse me? Who cut off who here lady?

I was fuming and was ready to step out of the car and say something to the woman or at least give her a dirty look. I took a deep breath and grabbed Max out of his crate. And then...I decided that it wasn't worth it and that I would just let it go. So I got out of the car, put Max down, and looked in the lady's car, without a dirty look, and then walked into the store.

After class, I headed back to my car to see a note on the windshield.

This may seem strange, but I wanted to apologize if I cut you off coming into the lot.

-Owner of old Bronco

Wow! Am I glad I controlled my anger and frustration! Normally, I would have easily just turned and given her a dirty look. It's amazing how every little action really does have an effect.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Roller arm'itis

It's official! The house is ours!

We took the day off yesterday to paint our new house. We started painting at 7am and didn't finish...or rather...stop until 10pm. My arms, shoulders, and neck are beyond sore today from the non-stop rolling, bending, reaching, taping.

But...we're painting our new house and making it perfect for us. So it is awesome. :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Max the menace

Hi Mommy
Max has been getting older and more clever. So much that he now knows how to open the zipper on his crate and let himself out. Tonight we went to run some errands for a couple of hours. We came home expecting to be greeted by Toby at the door and to let Max out of his crate. Instead? We were greeted by...yes, BOTH dogs.

I rushed out when we left the house and didn't lock his crate. Our "Mischievous Max" opened the door by himself. Not only that...we had some boxes set up as a pseudo barricade to keep the boys in the family room seperating them from the living room. Toby used his brute strength and knocked those boxes out of the way so that Max could reak havoc in the living room.

While we were away...Max chewed up a pair of flip fops, grabbed some moss from a tree and spread it around the house, peed in the living room, jumped up on the couch and moved some pillows around, made a call to someone that was reaching 93 minutes by the time I turned the phone off, opened up Bertrand's forgotten cell phone and got the back of it to come off, and found my hidden Koosh ball.

Shame on me for not locking his door. Shame on Toby for helping our troublemaker and letting him out into the rest of the house. And shame on Max for...well you know.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Don't forget to pack Max too

Max in the pantryWe're moving! We've been packing up our house all week. At one point neither Bertrand nor I could find Max. We looked around the house, under the couch, under the table, and asked Toby to find him. Then I heard a little rustling in our pantry...and to my surprise...who did we find?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fairweather fan

I ordered a Warriors jersey today after their big win last night making NBA history being the No. 8 seed and beating the No. 1 seed. I still want a Sharks jersey after going to a couple of their games and even more now that they are in the playoffs.

Apparently I am not a very loyal fan since it seems that I really only get into my teams based on their winning status and the cuteness of their clothes.

Regardless...Go Warriors! Go Sharks!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The day has only just begun

This morning I headed over to Security at work because I forgot my badge. They looked me up and I signed some papers, and just as the guy was processing my information to hand me a temporary badge, I put my hand down to my side and felt something. I looked down to badge.

It is not even 9am yet. going to one interesting day. I can feel it. :)