Wednesday, November 26, 2008

choppy chop chop

I cut off 10 inches of my hair.



new do

I have never in my life had short hair...unless you count when I was a baby and it was growing to its long state.  So this was a big move for me.  But it was for a good cause so I feel happy that I was able to share my hair with someone else who needs it much more than I do.  I decided about a year ago  that I wanted to grow my hair out to donate it to cancer patients.  There are a few organizations out there and ultimately I decided to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who makes wigs out of the donated hair for women with cancer.  I know how hair can be such a great form of expression and self-image for a woman and can only imagine what it would feel like to lose all of your hair.  If you're thinking about doing it, I encourage you to find an organization and grow your hair out to donate it and make a small difference in someone's life.  After all, it will grow back..right?

So now I'm sporting a fresh new do and still getting used to it.  I keep going to touch hair and instead grab some air.  My neck is a little colder.  And taking a shower and washing my hair? That was quite the learning experience.  I know better for the next time....much much less shampoo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

mom delivers baby at BART station

Baby Born at San Leandro BART Station

The 21-year-old mother was with her 2-year-old child at around 7 a.m. when she started going into labor at the top of the escalator.

A station agent and a police officer helped her until paramedics arrived and delivered the baby, Johnson said.

Hmm...yeah. Not planning on riding BART alone anytime soon! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

they're coming two-by-two

A few of my very close girlfriends threw me an amazingly cute and fun little baby (babies?) shower last weekend.  The theme was Noah's Ark with little animals coming two-by-two, just like our babies will be coming in a very short while.  The place was decked out in adorable decorations, yummy food, great company, and hilarious belly busting games.  I had such a great time.

Welcome babies!



Thank you friends! I love you!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

so this is what it comes to

As of shoes no longer fit comfortably, or at all for that matter. Given the fact that I am carrying and growing two little people in my belly, my feet have retained some water and grown a tad swollen. Okay, a lot swollen. It has started to make me really sad thinking that my cute shoes no longer fit me and will not be an option for the next couple of months (hopefully they go back to normal after). So sad, that I decided that I no longer cared WHAT I was wearing, as long as they are comfortable and fit.

So this led to me and my husband going to the store and buying some fur lined Crocs that I can wear for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was actually looking for the ones that had the fur inside the shoe instead of showing on the outside, but they didn't have anymore in my size. So out of desperation for comfortable shoes, I bought the fur lined Crocs with fur peeking out on the outside.

This morning before leaving for our many doctor's appointments, I pulled off the tags to my new shoes and popped them on. And then I paused and commented to Bertrand, "Wait...these look just like the inside house slippers I just took off. Am I going to be the pregnant lady who wears slippers out in public??" He then tells me that I am overreacting and that my shoes were clearly Crocs and clearly outside shoes. I asked him again, "...but I really think these might look like my slippers I wear in the house. Oh no!" He reassured me that I looked fine and that they did not look like slippers.

At the end of my first doctor's appointment, the doctor stood up and shook my hand and then leaned over towards Bertrand to shake his hand. Bertrand was too preoccupied trying to get my shoes in place for me to wear once I got off the table that he didn't realize the doctor was waiting for him. Then the doctor chuckled and said, "Oh it's okay, I see you are on purse and slipper duty", said goodbye and left the room. Once we were alone in the room, I turned to Bertrand and said, "Did you HEAR what he just said? He said SLIPPERS!" Bertrand looked up at me and then started to bust out laughing while I gathered my things and whimpered out the door.

I whined and whimpered about my new shoes that look like slippers and that I am now "that lady" on the way to our next appointment. As the nurse greeted me and took me to my room, she looked down and said, "Ooh! You're wearing your comfy shoes" I just glared at Bertrand with my "really?" face who returned my glare with a laugh. Embarrassed, I hid my shoes in the corner of the room so the doctor wouldn't see them. At the end of our appointment with her, she said goodbye and as she left the room, turned and gave a nice long pause as she looked at my lowly shoes in the corner.

We only talked with a few people this morning after slipping on these shoes and almost all had something to say about my "slippers". Bertrand, how could you let me buy these shoes and then let me wear them in public?

I am the slipper lady.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat

Halloween 2008

One of the great parts about living in family friendly suburbia is all the cute little kids that run around and say little cute kid things and do cute little kid things. This also means...a lot of kids coming to your house trick-or-treating for Halloween. I prepared my usual giant bucket of candy as I do every year and filled it with three giant warehouse store bags of candy.

This was the first year in 6 years where I haven't dressed up for Halloween. Sorry folks. This year, for Halloween, I decided to just be a pregnant woman. BUT...I did wear an orange shirt and Halloween socks.

Before the sun even set, little princesses and frogs and witches and superheros started ringing our doorbell. And soon? It was almost pointless to even shut the door because swarms and swarms of children were flocking through the neighborhood and to our house. By 7pm, we realized we were out of candy. And we had been semi-stingy not knowing how many kids would be rolling through and only gave about 2-3 pieces per kid! So Bertrand did the emergency candy run while I scrounged up some more candy from my own personal candy stash to give to the kiddies.

And poured and the rain came down, and the kids stopped coming. And somehow after buying pounds and pounds of candy and several hundred children later, I got left with some not-so-favorite candy.

Next year, maybe we'll just buy the candy aisle to be prepared. And kiddies, you can't touch my personal stash of good stuff!