Wednesday, April 30, 2003

When you're sad or not having a great day, isn't it great to have friends who try to cheer you up? There was a time last year that I was pretty down about a few things, and one of my friends Dan (he wants me to call him "Buff Stud") came over and recorded a little video for me on my computer. It was one of the greatest things. He told me to watch it every time I was feeling sad so that it would cheer me up. Basicallly he just acted silly on it, and it was great! It totally did the trick. I love looking back and watching the video now whenever I'm a little stressed or am just in need of a good smile or laugh.

One of my good friends, Alden, got a job in the heart of SARS, Beijing. He had found out about the job and then was supposed to be shipped off a week later. My roommates and I were kind of dissapointed that we didn't have much time to put anything together for him before he left, like a photo album or scrapbook so that he could look at while he was gone. We were watching the video that Dan had made me, and it gave us the idea to make a silly video for Alden before he left for Beijing. Alden is a fan of Eminem, and while none of us really knew his songs very well, we decided that we would make him a music video centered around the song, "Lose Yourself." We got all dressed up trying to play the part and actually look like we could sing the song and play the part. Us, being the non-ghetto girls that we are, it took awhile to try to figure out how to play the part, but we had a great time. We did a big portion of the song while rapping/singing and dancing to the music. We spent so much of our time trying to keep a straight face, that we got a lot of fun bloopers from the video making. The best part of the video was being silly and watching each other try to figure out how to play our parts...the reactions of our friends to seeing us was also quite entertaining.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Dreams are so interesting...just the fact that something can feel so real but only be a dream is amazing to me. I have been having the most vivid dreams these past couple of nights, and they are so weird, yet they feel so real. Does anyone know how to interpret dreams?

My first dream was about me being late. I had to be at a class and I was incredibly late. For some reason I was in downtown New York and it was really really crowded. Everyone was packed on the sidewalks waiting for something like a parade, but the streets were empty. I was running down the middle of the street trying to get to my class because I was so late, and everyone was looking at me. There was this area where there was a park in the middle, and the park was roped off. I wanted to cut through the park to get to my class quicker, and when I tried to duck under the rope, there was this asian girl standing there. She pushed the rope down when I tried to go under it, and it choked me. I looked up at her and she said, "Please don't put me in the internment camp." I just kind of rolled my eyes at her and kept running. My class was being held in the basement of the Macy's department store, so once I got there, I remember walking by a blue and white striped polo shirt that was on sale for $24.99. When I finally got to my seat at this table, there was already a guy and a girl sitting there. I asked them if I had missed much, and they said, "No, the teacher showed up and said she'd be right back, but she isn't back yet."

My second dream was about me walking on the street from the MU towards Russell. This young blonde guy in a tan suit rushed up to me and asked me to take his little daughter to school because he had to go to work and his daughter was afraid of making friends. Somehow I got the impression from this guy that he was very poor and that he needed help, even though he was very clean cut. So I agreed, and took the little girl's hand and started walking towards the intersection. Now the weird part is that I'm also the elemenatary school teacher. So at the intersection there was this mom and her daughter standing there and I introduced the little girl to my little girl and I said, "See? Now you have a friend." I asked the mom standing there where the school was and she asked me in a very shocked tone, "You don't know where it is???" It ended up being right across the street where the Chancellor's house is now. Once we got to school, I paid a lot of attention to the little girl throughout the day to make sure she was doing ok, but I was a little worried people might have thought that I favored her. During lunchtime, some of the parents came out to have lunch with the kids. I bought a bag lunch for the little girl and she sat at the tables with the other little kids and their parents. During that time I thought that I would go into the office to take care of administrative stuff, but when I left she said, "Where's mommy going?" I guess I fell in love with this little girl and the next day I went back to the same place so that I could find the dad and daughter again. When I got there, there was a dumpster, and inside the dumpster was the dad, and he was changing his suit jacket. I made a comment to him about being homeless or poor and about helping out his daughter or something, and he got so offended. He started yelling at me about how rich he was and that his wife and butler were at home. I was like, "Why are you in the dumpster?" He was really mad and he walked onto the schoolyard. For some reason, I was not only the teacher, but I cooked lunch for the kids too, so I had this HUGE chicken breast in the shape of a heart. He came in and picked up my huge heart and threw it into the swamp behind the school. I remember thinking that he threw away my heart...chicken breast heart...heehee....


Monday, April 28, 2003

Random quote of the day:

Plastic knives don't cut oranges well
-- mistersnooty

You're so're going to give me cavities

You know how everyone has those wishlists from I had decided to get a wishlist just for fun and post it up on my website, not really expecting for anyone to actually get me something. Last week I came home from school and there was a package waiting for me. My roommates were asking me, "What did you buy?!?" And I couldn't remember if I had bought something online or not. The last time that I bought something online was about a month ago when I bought a shirt and bathing suit from J-Crew. I thought, "Maybe I bought something, but I don't remember?" So I opened up the package and there were 2 tanktops and a pair of shorts that I had had on my wishlist! How cool is that? Turns out that my boyfriend went online, took a look at my wishlist, and sent me a little surprise.'re too sweet. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2003

It's's pouring...

It has been raining so much lately. I have been rained out of 2 of my golf classes already this quarter...and it looks like I'll be rained out again this week. Kind of funny how there is probably better snow up in Tahoe now than there was this entire winter. I probably should have kept my snowboard out for a little longer than Spring Break. There is something about rainy icky mucky weather that makes me feel so..."blah." There is no better word to describe it then just...blah. I just feel like being sad and moping around, just because it looks sad and mucky outside. When it's cold and rainy, all I want to do is lie in bed and watch t.v. ... or maybe just stay inside all day and not get up for work or school. I love it when it rains at night and the sound of the rain puts me to sleep, and I love the smell in the morning after a nice little rain shower in the evening. But I hate riding the buses when they're all wet and the air is stinky and the windows are steamy. And it's so gross how your pants stick to your legs while sitting in the desks in lecture. You know how you get "sick days" and "labor days" and "memorial days", I think that they should create, "rain days" cause really, who wants to go to work or school when it's raining anyways?

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The Whistles go...Woo Woo!

This is unbelievable....yet the funniest part about it is that it is real. Apparently the new craze in Oakland, CA is to have a whistle installed on your muffler, so that when you drive, it goes, "Woo Woo." Almost everyone in Oakland is rushing to get these whistles installed on their cars. KRON4 did a segment on this new craze of ghetto whistles. One of the guys they interviewed was, "Bubb Rubb." Apparently this little news segment has spurred various, "I hate Bubb Rubb" sites, Bubb Rubb t-shirts, and there is even a re-mix made of Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis' interview...Crazy.

Anyways, check out the video

Friday, April 18, 2003

Guys and Stuffed Animals

Why don't guys like stuffed animals? Will it make them less manly if they have a little teddy bear? Are they less of a guy because they have a little soft cuddly friend? I don't get it. Wouldn't you be less of a man since you're so afraid of what others will think of you? I for one, love stuffed animals especially the really soft ones. I am also not a guy, so it's hard for me to relate I guess. I have about 6 bazillion pillows on my bed and two little stuffed bears that I sleep with at night. A few years ago, someone gave me a stuffed monkey for a gift. Why? I'm not quite sure, I don't really remember. Anyways, this monkey has been sitting in my closet for a long time. Since I'm going to be moving out of my apartment in a few months, I've decided that I should start sorting through my junk and clean out the stuff that I don't use. That is when I found this long lost monkey in my closet. I didn't really know what to do with what better thing to do than re-gift it and be entertained in the process. heehee. So I picked a victim *ahem* I mean a friend, let's call him..."looks like a freshman." So this friend of mine didn't know what to do with the monkey. His expression was priceless when I gave him the monkey and he looked at me and said, "What do I do with it?" Just for entertainment purposes I told him to hug it when he went to bed. I knew that he wouldn't know what to do with it, and just wanted to see what he would do. So, now the monkey is just sitting in his closet abandoned too, and will probably be re-gifted again to someone else, only to sit in another closet. Poor little monkey...

Thursday, April 10, 2003


Ladies and Gentlemen....the moment has finally arrived.

I have gotten into GOLF!!! Wahoo! The day that I have been waiting for these past four years has finally arrived, and I am registered for golf. I finally got a PTA number today for my golf class this morning. The instructor taught us a very valuable lesson today before we started swinging at the have to shout "Fore" before your ball hits somebody in the head. So bikers, cars, students, faculty, and dogs walking by the Russell fields at 9AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays beware...because I have started playing golf.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Wha?? Study spring quarter?

The last thing I was expecting was that I would have to actually have to do some work spring quarter. I had planned it so well so that it would be my fun carefree quarter. It's my first quarter (and last) that I can take classes "just for fun." No more late more engineering projects on the weekend...or late nights studying and doing homework problems. Boy was I wrong! I wouldn't say that my classes are that hard, but there is a lot of busy work involved. I'm always reading, doing some homework, preparing for some presentation, or writing a paper. I must say that it is 10 times better than sitting in the labs all day and night. But still...

Friday, April 04, 2003

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Over spring break, I bought three DVD's to add to my small collection, one of which was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you haven't seen this movie yet, WATCH IT! It was so funny. It just went through describing the funny little quirks of a Greek family. I guess the reason that it was so funny to me, was because it wasn't just describing a greek family, but it could have applied to any family. Everyone's family has some weird tradition that they follow or way of thinking. From the start of the movie I was already giggling, but towards the end of the movie I was getting stomach cramps from laughing. My favorite part of the movie was when the Aunt was describing the lump in her neck and how she had to get a "Bibopsy." It was great just watching how quirky a family can be. haha...I love it. :)

Watching the movie made me wonder if my family had a movie done about us, if we would be half as funny. I remember one time, my family, (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) were all together and trying to decide where we should go out for breakfast. Everyone was throwing out ideas about where we could go. One of my uncles was so excited and started shouting, "I Hope! I Hope!" We all stared at him, waiting to see where he hoped to go....but then he just kept saying, "I Hope! I Hope!" Then we all realized that he was saying "IHOP"....haha.....

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Spring Quarter....

Well spring break was an awesome week and waayy too short, but I guess that's how it always goes. It was so nice being done with labs (forever!), classes, finals, and work for awhile. I spent the entire week relaxing and doing anything other than think of school and work. It was great. I took a trip to San Francisco one day doing the usual tourist thing. We took BART up to avoid the traffic on the bridges from the war protestors and then did some shopping and walking around the city. I got to ride the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf and did some people watching. We also made a trip to Berkeley and Lake Tahoe for some snowboarding before the end of the season. I love California. Where else could you go snowboarding, hiking, and to the beach all within a couple hours drive? I also got to catch up on all of the movies that I've missed amist the hustle and bustle of Winter Quarter.

School has started again and we've begun our first week of my last quarter. Wahoo. Classes are actually pretty fun and interesting. They probably won't be as easy as I was expecting and hoping for, but they will definetly be interesting. It's so nice to be able to have a change of pace for awhile and very refreshing. I started my Aerobics class yesterday and have moved up to 2nd on the waitlist for Golf. I love Spring Quarter!!!