Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I've found a new favorite movie for the summer, Finding Nemo! I've always loved the little Disney movies and have been quite entertained by them, but this one surprised me beyond my expectations. It was such a cute funny little cartoon that was not only meant for kids but also for the adult audience. I'm sure that some of those adult jokes just went right over the little kids' heads. They had little lessons for everyone hidden in them and the art was amazing too. I was tearing up from laughing and crying all in the same movie. Tuesdays are discount movie nights here, so tonight I just might go see this movie again.

This morning while getting ready to leave for work, I took a quick glance at my calendar and noticed that it is Canada Day. I've made a few blogger friends from Canada and so I'd just like to say...Happy Canada Day to y'all! It's so fun to read all of your blogs and hear about your stories. I try to imagine what it is like where you are in Cape Breton and Halifax and it just seems so far away. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to take a trip up there and see what it's like. I've always told myself that when I had the chance, I would travel to all of the places that I hear about but have never been. Right now would be that time wouldn't you think? I just graduated and am looking for a full time job for after September, but for the most part don't have any 'big' responsibilities. Yet, it's kind of a weird situation. Here I am in the perfect time to take off and travel the world, yet I can't afford to do all these things because I don't have a job. But, when I have a job and have the money to travel, I won't have the time to travel the world because I have a job. *sigh*....if only. Maybe I will win the lottery or win a raffle, then all of my dreams will come true. =)

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