Monday, July 14, 2003

The Good Ole' Days

Now that I'm planning on moving out of my apartment and back home, I've got a lot of organizing and cleaning to do. I need to combine two of my complete bedrooms into one. I decided a few weeks ago that since I'm already cleaning out my room, why not clean out the rest of the house? I have a strange fascination and love to clean. I guess I am somewhat of a neat freak. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to have a garage sale and was going to organize the entire thing. Little did I realize what a big task this was going to be.

I started last weekend by going through my room and taking out all of the things that I was ready to be rid of. I also started going through the other rooms in the house and organizing. I was able to talk my whole family into joining me on friday night for a, "Cleaning/Organizing Party" in the attic and the garage. We got out a bunch of boxes and I organized all of our things into categories and prices.

My dad and boyfriend went up into the attic and pulled down a bunch of boxes. Wow...opening those boxes was like opening the flood gates to all of our memories. It was so nostalgic to see my old projects, my old favorite toys, my brothers trucks and ninja turtles. It was so fun. I found a little advertisement that I had written on a 3x5 card when I was probably 9 years old. It said, "Need Help Typing? Call Kimmy. I will type whatever you need at 5 cents a page." I don't remember writing it, nor remember who I gave it to. I also found my old dresses, stuffed animals, books, and a bunch of other things. I managed to organize most of the things and separate what I wanted to get rid of. I did keep a few things however, just for memories. Sometimes it's good to have a piece of the past to remind you of how things were.

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