Thursday, July 10, 2003

As many of you probably know, I recently graduated from college and am looking for a full time industry position now....a "real" job. Oh the joys of looking for a job. Actually, it has been kind of fun. I've been looking at different companies and doing research on the company, what they're about, the culture, work environment, etc. Although, it would be a lot more fun if the job market was the way it was a few years ago, when companies jumped on new graduates offering them amazing jobs along with all of the other benefits. I remember the good ole days when I wasn't even close to graduating but had companies flirting with me to be an intern with them and come work with them as soon as I graduated. Today, none of those companies have any money to hire anyone. With the job market these days, us recent grads are competing with former executives who have been working for years and whose experience far outweighs our own. Needless to say, it hasn't been easy to find a job.

This past week and half, I have been getting several calls from several companies wanting to talk to me about working for them. One of these companies in particular has gotten me so excited about the possibility of working for them. I use their service on a daily basis along with millions of other people around the world. The position, although not exactly an engineering position, seems to fit me perfectly. I think that my personality and enthusiasm would really go well with it, and that it would be a company where I would thrive. I have a short phone interview with them this coming Monday. I also got another response yesterday to a job that also fits me very well. I would be doing practically exactly what I've been doing these past two years at my job.

Oh...I don't know. Maybe I'll get these jobs, maybe they're not meant for me, maybe I need a break. I don't know! Ah! I'm just excited and confused. Maybe this is the perfect place for me and they'll really want me, or maybe I'm meant to take a break after going to school for so long and working immediately after. Either way, this is a good experience to go through and an interesting stage of life. I should just let things go and whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. After all, as several people have told me, "You're smarter than you look." I never know how to take that an insult or a compliment?

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