Tuesday, July 15, 2003

For those of you with a weak stomach, this is a warning to you that this post is kind of gross. This past weekend when I came home from shopping, I walked in the front door and kind of tripped on something. My toe hurt pretty bad, but me being the tough little girl that I am, shrugged it off. ;). I sat down on the stairs and talked with my mom and boyfriend about my shopping trip and all of the joys that I had experienced as a result of it. While I was talking, I had reached down to my foot and realized that my pinky toenail was missing. IT FELL OFF!!! That was when the screaming started with me going, "What happened to my toenail???" It was pretty gross. The impact was so great, that my dear beloved toenail came off. In between shrieks of disgust and laughter, my mom and I discussed me getting a fake toenail. Do they even exist? Then we thought, maybe just get the fake fingernails and trim it to be a toenail. I wear sandals everyday and practically live in my flip-flops.

When my uncle stopped by for a visit, my boyfriend and I were trying to tell him about what had happened to my toenail. All of a sudden, my boyfriend bends down and looks at a teeny little crack in between the carpet and the tile and goes, "Is that it?" In between the crack of the tile and the carpet was a little red dot, and sure enough it was my toenail. How he spotted it is beyond me. My uncle said, "He knows every part of you...literally."

The next day I was taking my dog outside to go to the bathroom when the door shut on my foot. I yelped out in pain and sat on the floor for a little bit, all the while thinking, "Wouldn't it be funny if I lost another toenail?" Later that night, I took out the nail polish remover to remove the red nail polish that I had on my toenails so that it would be less obvious that something was missing. As I wiped off all the polish I realized that I had chipped off a part of another nail on another one of my toes!

I am deformed and accident prone.


Anonymous said...

hey, don't feel so bad,

i'm 13 years old from rochester michigan, and i was born without either little toenail. i'm just like you... i basically live in flip-flops, however no one ever even notices the missing toenails!

Anonymous said...

Strange. One would think your nail would grow back eventually. I'm sure your feet still appear as pretty as the rest of you. Seems to me a very trivial detail. Would be like someone saying they have an ugly face just to spite a single freckle on their cheek that they happen to dislike. Many women do seem to go far out of their way to bash their appearance. I've always been a bit dumbfounded by this.

You seem very pretty, very nice and also very intelligent! You work for Google -- now that is incredibly impressive. Is Google the dream job that everyone seems to think that it is? I've heard many good things!

I'm a computer technician so don't mind that my "inner geek" is showing at the moment. hehehe :-)


Yes, I said gmail! I <3 Google! hehe.