Tuesday, July 22, 2003

According to dictionary.com...

gul-li-ble adj.
Easily deceived or duped.

Some people would say that I'm pretty gullible. I always get picked on by my so called friends and family for this simple trait of mines. I wouldn't say that I am gullible. I am trusting and kindhearted. I want to be able to believe when people tell me things and take it as fact. Just the other day, my dad told me that he had put my piano up on e-bay because I never played it and it was just sitting in our living room. I started to freak out, telling him not to sell it, to keep it, if only for decoration. Duped. My wonderful dad just wanted to see how I would react by coming up with this wonderful little stretching of the truth.

One time, somebody told me that gullible wasn't in the dictionary and I actually went to look it up. After a lifetime of being picked on for my trusting heart, I was very excited to find someone even more gullible than I. I have this friend...let's call him "b.m.". One day me and "b.m." were having a little chat online when all of a sudden he asked me what nationality I was. I have known "b.m." for awhile and we have talked online nearly everyday. I have told him about a bazillion and one times what nationality I was, so for fun, I told him that I was 1/2 mexican, 1/4 hawaiian, and 1/4 african-american. The greatest part was when he actually truly believed me! I almost felt really bad.

Today, while working with "b.m." we got into the topic of albinos and how we had never seen an albino asian person. That was when I told him that my brother was albino...and "b.m." almost believed me again... Ohhh....my stomach cramps up from laughing every time I even think about it.

"b.m." it will be a long time until you live this one down....I told you I would write about you.

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