Thursday, July 31, 2003

I'mmmmm baaack.....from a fun-filled few days in Las Vegas, Nevada. My roommates and I took one last little trip together before splitting up and going our separate ways after graduation. What better place to do it then Vegas? I had a blast. It was my first trip out to the big ole' city of lights, casinos, shows, and cheap food. We arrived in Vegas around midnight on Sunday night and went out to have a nice big breakfast for 99 cents. Over the next couple of days we explored all of the hotels and casinos. We even got to see a couple of shows. We truly experienced all that we'd seen in movies and on t.v. We went to see one of the notorious Vegas comedy shows, the Tournament of Kings, and rode on the roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere. I even did a little bit of gambling...I love $1 tables. I'm not so much of a gambler so $1 tables and 5 cent slot machines were my friends. I didn't lose any money nor did I gain, but came out even, which I think is pretty good in my book. Check back soon for pictures from the trip.

These past couple of weeks have been so exciting and full of things for me. It's almost hard to believe that all of this could happen at once. Today was my last day at the job that I've worked at for the past two years. It was bittersweet. I was excited to move on, but a little sad to leave behind the memories and friends that have been made these past two years. After graduation, I was allowed to stay and work as a student employee for a couple more months, but since I was no longer a student could not work there after that. I had learned and experienced so much through these jobs, and after graduation was anxious to find a "real" job and make them proud. A couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned how there was a job opportunity that I was really excited about and an upcoming phone interview. It ended up that I went further in the interview process and eventually was offered the job. I had come in for an in-person interview on Wednesday, was called and offered the job on Thursday evening. That same night and friday, I packed up my entire apartment and moved out on Saturday. I then left for my planned Vegas trip the following day and returned at the crack of dawn this morning to go back to wrap up things at work. Tonight, I am unpacking and repacking my bags for a short camping trip this weekend. My first day of work is this coming Monday. I told you I had a lot going on. =)

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