Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I haven't been able to watch T.V. that much this past year due to a combination of things. First of all, the management of my apartment complex decided to take away our free cable. I am one of those people where if the resource isn't there, I kind of forget about it. It's also hard to find something to watch when you only have 3 channels. I've also been very busy with school and work throughout the year, so that even if I wanted to watch T.V. I couldn't (Aside from Thursday night FRIENDS).

I've heard so much about the reality T.V. craze and how it seems like every channel and every show is a reality T.V. show, but haven't been able to dive into it with the rest of the world until now. Now that I am free from school and can catch up on other things after work, I've started to watch T.V. again, and I must say, it is CRAZY!

Some of these shows are getting so trashy it's ridiculous...You would think that there is a line that is drawn with certain shows, but oh no no...that line has definetly been crossed. I remember when one of the first trashy shows hit, my roommates and I couldn't get enough of the drama. Temptation Island was a night where we all got together around the T.V. and talked about the trashy people on the show, yet we never missed one episode. No wonder the broadcasting companies keep coming up with more and more shows. So a few weeks ago, I happened to be flipping through my three channels and stumbled upon the premiere of the show Paradise Hotel on FOX. The whole idea of the show is that a new person from America will join the cast every week. You have to hook up with someone else on the cast throughout the week, and if you don' get kicked off. Every week they go through the group and pick their roommate for the week. I'm still trying to get a grasp on the idea of the show...what happens when you win? Do you win money? An award for sleeping with the entire crew? I'm not quite sure. The whole time I'm watching the show, I think, "This is bad! This is terrible," yet...I've seen 3 out of the past 4 episodes. The drama in that show is amazing. I haven't really heard about how or when the show will end. Technically, it could go on forever since the cast changes every week along with the drama. The shows on T.V. these days...

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