Thursday, July 17, 2003

I went to see the Dixie Chicks last night at their sold out show in San Jose. Everyone has their opinions about the Dixie Chicks...first because of the type of music they play, and second about the little "incident" and what they had to say about our President. We had gotten our tickets in January before "The Incident" (as Natalie from The Dixie Chicks calls it) happened. But unlike the people in the midwest who protested, rioted, and burned the tickets and smashed their CDs, we went to the show. I hadn't listened much to their new CD and was kind of a stranger to some of the songs, but I must say...they are amazing performers. They put on a great show and had an awesome stage setup.

While we were waiting for the concert to begin, we saw some of the crew roll in these three huge boxes similar to a storage chest, with little holes on the top. We watched as they carefully rolled the boxes in under the stage, and then watched as the boxes were rolled out a minute later. I guess in each of the boxes was one of the girls being rolled into the stage. How cool is that? I want to be rolled in inside some special box. =)

There were sooo many people there, and the house was packed. I had heard from a friend that their concert in the midwest was pretty empty. I guess it's different when you're in California. At one point in the concert, they paused and Natalie talked about "The Incident." That was when the booing started. I was pretty surprised. There were a couple of cheers, but a lot of booing too. Once she finished saying what she wanted to say and they started singing again, the whole crowd started cheering again (short memory). heehee.

I had a great night though and got to enjoy my night with one of my favorite people.

Oh yeah...and a cowboy gave me a tattoo....yeah, it's temporary.

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