Monday, August 04, 2003

Started my first day of work at my new job today. Wahoo! It was waay cool and a neato environment. Oh yeah, did I ever say where I was working? If you haven't figured it out by now from the picture, I work for Google owners of Blogger. How cool is that? When you walk into Google there are big ole' balls bouncing everywhere, lava lamps, and massage chairs in the lounges. There is free food galore in the fully stocked snack rooms and free gourmet lunches. Not only that, but the people are very friendly and cool. I've always wanted a job where I would love the company that I work for and love what I do. And whaddya know...I got it.

Since I was starting work this week, I went on a nice relaxing trip up to Sonoma County with a few friends for the weekend. We rented a cabin for the 14 of us...a cabin that only had one usable bathroom and a downstairs bedroom that strongly resembled something from Blair Witch or The Ring. Needless to say, that was quite interesting, especially when we ran out of toilet paper. We did some hiking in the hills and swimming in the Russian River. Riding the current down the river was so fun, but I was so tired after racing to swim against the current back to our spot on the bank. I finally learned how to play poker and was reminded once again what a terrible liar I am. We visited the Korbel Vineyards to take a tour of the winery and of course...did some wine tasting. On the way home, we stopped in Berkeley to have dinner and take a stroll down Telegraph.

And here I am now relaxing at home after a long day at is good.