Sunday, August 17, 2003

I just finished watching The Sound of Music on dvd. I love that movie. I don't think that I could ever get tired of watching it. Sometimes I'll catch myself humming or singing a song from the movie. I had downloaded a couple of the songs in mp3s onto my computer awhile ago, and one day while I thought I was at home by myself, I had turned on the songs and started to sing my heart out. I got to the song that they sang during the puppet show that they performed for their dad. There is that one section where the goats are singing to each other and yodelling. I of course can't just sing the song, but had to sing it in the 'goat voice'. I was yodelling my lungs out in the little goat voice when I heard a little something and turned around. There was my roommate standing in my doorway smiling at me. I was so into my singing and yodelling that I hadn't heard her come through the front door and stand at my doorway. I'm still kind of embarrassed about it, and everytime I watch the movie again or sing that song, I turn a little red thinking about how I had been found out singing in my goat voice.

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