Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I had written a really long post and was about to Post and Publish it when out of my own stupidity when looking for a link, I opened a new site in the very same window and lost my post. It was a pretty long one too. All deep and insightful which I haven't been in awhile. Oh well, it was my fault. I'm too tired and lazy to rewrite another post but Tony Pierce says that I should write a little something anyways, even though I can't think about anything to write about. It's funny...all day when little things happen, I think, "Wow...that would be a great thing to blog about, I should remember that." Or when I sit and think for a little bit, my mind wanders to thinking about something deep and insightful and I think, "Remember to Blog this." Too bad there isn't a BlogThis! for my brain. Yet, at night when I come to sit at my computer and open up Blogger my mind is blank. I try to pull up all of the events of the day and....nada. I'm kind of tired now. I had a long day today and got to eat some Indian food for the second time in my life. You know what I'm still trying to understand right now? When we were leaving the restaurant (there was a big group of us) the owner of the restaurant stood and shook each of our hands on our way out. As he did so, he handed a business card to each one of the guys, but when he shook my hand, he only said "Thank You" but no business card. Why?

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