Monday, August 25, 2003

I am so happy right now. I have just had one of the most successful shopping experiences in less than half an hour. JCrew is having a sale! Not just any sale...a humongous, Kimmy is so happy, kind of sale. I heard about it thanks to Jorge, Tine's boyfriend. I didn't realize what a great sale it was until I was in the store and saw all of the prices. The same bathing suit that I had bought a few months ago was on clearance for 1/8 of the cost. It was a different color, so at least I don't feel completely ripped off from before. While I was in the middle of shopping, another one of my friends IM'd me about the sale knowing full well how happy it would make me, but I was already deep in the pages of shopping glory. I just checked out with 10 items in my cart and a big smile on my face. And I spent as much as I did on just a bathing suit and a shirt only a few months ago!

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