Friday, October 12, 2007

What's your coffee order say about you?

The Today Show had a little segment this morning about what your coffee order says about you. It could say you are a high maintenance, adventurous, bold, easy going, boring, etc.


My usual coffee order is:
A tall nonfat half-caf extra hot black & white mocha, no whip
What's that say about me? High maintenance? No.... Of course not! Let's call it creative, particular, and health conscious.

I used to order just a tall mocha. Then realized I was drinking them so often and was putting so many extra non-beneficial calories into me, that I switched to nonfat. Then the whipped cream defeated that purpose, so got rid of that. Then I started getting old and caffeine was having a much bigger effect on my little heart, so I had to switch to half-caf. One night on the way to Tahoe, I overheard a man try a black & white mocha, tried that too, then never went back. And I've always loved things extra hot. Usually things aren't hot enough. So that's how I got to that order...

My friend told me that he usually gets a tall bold coffee, used to get lattes but then it got too expensive. He asked me what that said about him. Cheap and boring? hmmm....yes, that might be the case. hehe. ;)

What's your coffee order say about you?


Christine Songco said...

lately it's been a house coffee and then i add nonfat milk (and no sugar!). once in a while, maybe i'll get a nonfat latte. and if i'm super grumpy, it's a nonfat vanilla latte for the extra happy sugar.

once in a far far far away land, though, it used to be nonfat caramel macchiatos. the freakin calories those things had!

all in all, i'd say i'm simple and low maintenance. kind of a bit boring, too. =P

mishijishi said...

Haha. You are precise and goal-driven.

Tall mocha frappucinno, no whip. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life?

diane said...

not that high maintenance women run in our family....but my choice drink would have to be....a double tall, soy sugar free vanilla latte, extra hot, no foam.

you're not alone Kimmy :P

Graham said...

Apparently I don't exist. :-)

Debbie said...

this is a great discussion!
first, what is a black and white mocha?
second, how can anyone drink anything "extra hot?" I can barely drink coffee luke warm. don't your tongues burn?
third, do they say anything about chai? most recently i've been getting non-fat chai; and also my new favorite, a tall non-fat latte with mint added!