Monday, October 22, 2007

Kind of, but not really, around the corner

I love Christmas.

I love the reason for Christmas. I love the smells of Christmas. I love the music of Christmas. I love the lights, trees, family time, presents under the tree....everything.

I am slowly gathering all my Christmas decorations and accumulating a few more, just waiting for Thanksgiving to be here and over so I can start decorating and celebrating.

I tend to get a little excited and prepare way ahead of time. Me, the person who had my Halloween candy ready nearly 3 weeks before Halloween.

So last week, I picked up two lighted Christmas lawn ornaments for my new lawn from the store. I had the guys at the store climb their ladders and pull down the big boxes, then carry them to my car. One of the guys mentioned how it wasn't Halloween yet.

I looked at him and said, "...and your point?"

:). Man, I can't wait.

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