Thursday, October 18, 2007

Luaus bring people together

Our Crittendon campus had a luau for lunch today. So a friend and I hopped on the Google bikes and rode out to that side of campus for lunch with a few other friends. After having some homemade ice cream for dessert, we were discussing if we wanted to walk or bike back to the main campus. Just as we were talking about this, the on-demand shuttle drove up, so we started running and caught the shuttle instead.

As we were sitting on the bus, a guy behind me called out, "Kimmy!" I turned around wondering why I didn't recognize this guy and suddenly felt bad for not knowing who he was.

Guy: Do you know Diane ♥?
Me: *laughing* Yes! She's my cousin. How do you know her?
Guy: We go to church together in the city. She told me I'm supposed to keep my eye out for Kimmy ♦. So I was sitting here on the bus and saw your badge said "Kimmy ♦" and knew I was supposed to know you. I've been looking for you. I found you!!!

Then we had a nice conversation. Turns out he has only worked here a couple of months and works waaay on the other side of campus on totally different projects than I work on. Most likely, we would have never run into each other, but things just fell into place perfectly with the luau, the shuttle pulling up right then, us running to make it, and the fact that I sat on the outside aisle where my badge was his attentive eye.

Hawaiian food...bringing people together.

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