Monday, October 01, 2007

Breaking news?

The "breaking news" on CNN is that Britney Spears is losing custody of her children. Is this what our world is coming to?

What about the more important things going on in the world?

I feel bad that things have fallen apart so quickly for her and that she has made some really bad choices. It's really sad when KFed is considered the "responsible" parent.

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LKBM said...

On the evening of November 7, 2007, the red headline bar at the top of their election results page stated the following: 'Breaking News: Britney Spears files for divorce from her husband Kevin Federline, citing irreconcilable differences.'

It switched to a yellow 'CNN projects Democrat Robert Casey Jr. will beat incumbent Rick Santorum -- the third-ranking Republican in the Senate -- in Pennsylvania.' headline a couple times, but I saw the Britney headline for most of the time.