Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bunny fears

Nicole sent me a picture over IM the other day of a little bunny and said how much she wanted a bunny. I told her that I was afraid of bunnies. Her response, "What??? Is this your small and rodent like fear?" fear of bunnies started in 2nd grade.

Our class had a "class bunny" that we each "got" to take turns taking home every weekend. Once in awhile during class my teacher would take the bunny out while we sat around in a circle and she would hold it. One day, the bunny did something and clawed my teacher's arm which proceeded to bleed profusely. From that moment on, me and bunnies were no longer friends. Instead I was deathly afraid of them.

When it was my weekend to take the bunny home, I never took it out of its cage...much less even stepped anywhere close to it. My dad ended up taking care of the rabbit in the garage. I did try to feed it a carrot once, which meant, I ran up to the cage, shoved the carrot through the holes, then ran away screaming.

Darn rabbits.


D. Elizabeth said...

Awww. The bunny was prolly just scared. And they're not big fans of being picked up.

But bunnies are quite gentle and lovable. =)

nicolieliz said...

you did admit the bunny was cute! do you remember i had a dwarf bunny in hs?