Wednesday, October 03, 2007

semi sad

The hard drive on my laptop went to hard drive heaven last week. The 30GB of music and 50GB of pictures I had on that laptop are trapped and crying out to me. Luckily, with the overheating I was experiencing lately, I decided the week before that I would back up all of my important stuff. Phew. Was that the best move ever or what? could have been better because I still lost the things that I created/acquired/bought in the last week. I realized as I was reloading some of my data onto my new replacement laptop, that all of playlists that I had on my iTunes are also gone. :(

I don't keep track of my music well and usually throw them in playlists and update all of my iPods by playlist. When I got new songs, to be sure I listened to them, I had a playlist for those too. So sad. So now I start over. I need to go through and filter/organize, then re-do all of the iPods.



steve said...

are your new songs/playlists still on your ipod?

if so, all is not lost. google for "senuti" :)

kimbalina said...

steve = life saver