Thursday, May 31, 2007

Package forwarder

This morning, I got a phone call at my desk.
Guy: Hello! This is blah blah from Shipping and Receiving. Are you Miss Kimmy?
Me: Um...yes, I'm Kimmy (from now on, please call me Miss Kimmy)
Guy: Do you know Jason Goldman?
Me: Yes, I know him.
Guy: Do you know where we could find him? I have a package here for him.
Me: Actually, Jason doesn't work here anymore.
Guy: Do you have a forwarding address or can you get ahold of him?
Me: Hm...yeah, can you hang on a few minutes? I'll find him online.

IM to Jason

Me: hey. so shipping and receiving called me and have packages for you. what's your new forwarding address? i have no idea why they called me!

Jason: woah. weird.
So random. Of all people, why did they call me and assume I'd know where Jason is? I must have signed for a ton of packages for him over the years...or something.

From here forward, all former coworkers, please have your mail sent to me. I'll find out where you are and pass them on. Thanks.


tine said...

I'm not sure if I'm laughing more about them calling you "Miss Kimmy" or about you being Goldman's mailwoman. Hilarious.

Thomas said...

hey miss K.

where I sit here at Apple, I've gotten to know the shipping guy too and have signed dozens of packages for ppl around me.

But I have to say, for an ex-employee, that tops it!