Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flag Waver

In honor of Memorial Day tomorrow, I went out and got a flag today. It is gigantic. 3 feet x 5 feet. Basically, my size. I put the flag on the pole and headed outside to hang it up on the house for tomorrow. When I went outside, there were some people in a car in front of our house talking to one of our neighbors. I tromped past them across the driveway, with my gigantic flag waving in the wind, over to the mount and attempted to put it into the holder, which with my luck, was much higher than I could reach. So I with gigantic flag waving in the air, walked back across the driveway into the house. I called out to Bertrand that I couldn't reach and needed him to do it. He said, "Okay, I'm in the middle of something and there are people out there. I'll do it in a second." I told him for the sake of my dignity, he needed to go outside and put the flag up so those people didn't think I just tromped outside waving a flag to them and then walked back in. After a couple minutes of laughing, whining, and prodding, Bertrand finally went outside with the flag...just as the people left.

Oh well. I guess I'm the crazy flag girl this year.

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Stan said...

Hi, just curious.. Do you have any idea why Google doesn't change its logo for memorial day, as it does for other holidays?