Thursday, May 17, 2007

House cleaning partner

Cleaning SeminarYou know who your real friends are when they are willing to scrub toilets with you.

As we are cleaning a bathroom that belonged to a teenage boy previously, Jen: "Man...I am digging deep for you here."

House cleaning seminar was a success!

Thanks Jen!


Jennifer said...

Yeah for our cleaning seminar!!!! Having a partner sure makes it more enjoyable than on your own. Can I have my own little chart at your new house to track my progress. Every new seminar I can earn a little gold star next to my name. =)

kimbalina said...

Of course...we'll hang it up on the fridge.

Thomas said...

was their a 3rd partner in crime who took that pic? Could it be BR? did he simply took the pic and didn't put on the gloves? :)

kimbalina said...

He was actually doing the "other" dirty work and replacing the toilet seats. He got to skip the cleaning.

Lucky dog!

sarah said...

holy crap this photo is funny! i am so sad i missed the event of jen learning to clean a toilet for the 1st time. i wanna come over soon and see the new place- im so excited for you and bertrand!!!!

p.s. sorry, i didnt mean to use the word "crap" when describing this photo.