Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keep your cool

Last night I took Max to puppy preschool. On the way into the lot, I spotted a car backing out of a spot right in front of the store. So I waited for the spot. As I pulled forward into the spot, a car came zooming into the lot, running through the stop sign and pulling right into the spot I was going for. It all happened so fast, there was luckily an empty spot next to it, so I swerved into that spot. Not only did the lady driving the car cut me off and cause me to swerve, once it was over, she looked over at me and gave ME a dirty look.

Excuse me? Who cut off who here lady?

I was fuming and was ready to step out of the car and say something to the woman or at least give her a dirty look. I took a deep breath and grabbed Max out of his crate. And then...I decided that it wasn't worth it and that I would just let it go. So I got out of the car, put Max down, and looked in the lady's car, without a dirty look, and then walked into the store.

After class, I headed back to my car to see a note on the windshield.

This may seem strange, but I wanted to apologize if I cut you off coming into the lot.

-Owner of old Bronco

Wow! Am I glad I controlled my anger and frustration! Normally, I would have easily just turned and given her a dirty look. It's amazing how every little action really does have an effect.


Thomas said...

wow! great story... i hear ya, i probably would've been tempted to give her the "salute" as well, but glad you didn't and the fact she came to senses and left you a note... wow, made my day!

tine said...

grrrr *flex*

spacegirl said...

what a fantastic little story! very inspiring - thanks for sharing!