Friday, May 04, 2007

Fairweather fan

I ordered a Warriors jersey today after their big win last night making NBA history being the No. 8 seed and beating the No. 1 seed. I still want a Sharks jersey after going to a couple of their games and even more now that they are in the playoffs.

Apparently I am not a very loyal fan since it seems that I really only get into my teams based on their winning status and the cuteness of their clothes.

Regardless...Go Warriors! Go Sharks!


Thomas said...

That's alright Kimmy, never too late to be a fan. I take it you must not be a Niner's fan either :)

A DiG said...

Careful Kimmy... don't hurt yourself as you jump on the Warrior's band wagon!! *j/k* As for me... well, if you must know, I have been and always will be (to HieRan's dismay) a Detroit Pistons fan!! Wait until you see Jacob's room at the new house!! *hint hint*