Friday, May 11, 2007

Max the menace

Hi Mommy
Max has been getting older and more clever. So much that he now knows how to open the zipper on his crate and let himself out. Tonight we went to run some errands for a couple of hours. We came home expecting to be greeted by Toby at the door and to let Max out of his crate. Instead? We were greeted by...yes, BOTH dogs.

I rushed out when we left the house and didn't lock his crate. Our "Mischievous Max" opened the door by himself. Not only that...we had some boxes set up as a pseudo barricade to keep the boys in the family room seperating them from the living room. Toby used his brute strength and knocked those boxes out of the way so that Max could reak havoc in the living room.

While we were away...Max chewed up a pair of flip fops, grabbed some moss from a tree and spread it around the house, peed in the living room, jumped up on the couch and moved some pillows around, made a call to someone that was reaching 93 minutes by the time I turned the phone off, opened up Bertrand's forgotten cell phone and got the back of it to come off, and found my hidden Koosh ball.

Shame on me for not locking his door. Shame on Toby for helping our troublemaker and letting him out into the rest of the house. And shame on Max for...well you know.


nicolieliz said...

remind me of this if i ever think it's a good idea to dog-sit maxipoo

Thomas said...

Ah, the joy of owning 2 dogs.

Reason #56 we had to get rid of Daisy (some nice owner bought her from Craislist) and kept just Charlie :)