Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's going on here?!

I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me and my throat hurts. I still woke up at the crack of dawn anyways and jumped on a train to get into the city. Didn't I just get over being sick? How is it physically possible that I can be sick again? I just finally got over the cough I had for a month, last week!


Adam Lasnik said...

Hey Kimbalina,

That stinks!

Do you have an infection, perhaps? Those nasty critters can die down for a bit and then resurface at the drop of a hat... especially if you were naughty and only took a partial dose of a prescribed antibiotic.

Whatever it is, I hope you lick it soon!

kimbalina said...

Yeah, I did my full intake of the antibiotics the first round and am on it again now. I am going to fight this thing nail and tooth...and rib. =)